New Years Tourney Winners

Happy New Years! To start the new year off, have 3 winners from the New Years Mini Tourney! 16 teams competed against each other until there were only 2 teams left, and the finals were played on 1/1/2018, ending with one team getting the winning prize of $30. Congratulations to the winners and we would like to thank everyone that participated! We would also like to thank all the admins, mods, and helpers for making sure the tourney ran as smoothly as possible. If you haven’t joined already, click the following Discord link to join the Discord server and be a part of future tourneys:



Winning team name: Bobs Big Busty Bois
Winning team members: justin, Bobmarley, Despotic

Each of the three winners has received their $10 prize money and have been put into our Hall of Fame channel on Discord.


Once again, we would like to thank all of the participants, as they are the ones that motivate us to create more tourneys and make each one better than the last. Remember, join our Discord to be in any future tourneys and visit this website frequently to find new exciting blogs. Brawl on!


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