Happy New Years! 2017 in Polls

Its that time of the year again, December 31st! The time to drop those old bad habits and form new ones. The entire team hopes everyone has/had a great New Years Eve, and we are all looking forward to a new year. Pretty hard to believe its 2018 already (although yes, this phrase is repeated every year), but as the saying goes, “life’s short.” Anyways, while this is all kinda cheezy, remember to have fun.

This year in polls. Yes, I know, there aren’t many, since we started this very recently, but why not? Weekly polls started back on November 19, 2017. Since then, there have been 5 polls. Let’s go back in time and see what they were!

11/19/2017 – When do you think the next update will be?
The most voted option was December.

11/26/2017 – Which long-ranged brawler is the best?
The most voted option was Brock.

12/3/2017 – How do you think the next update will be?
The most voted option was Awesome.

12/12/2017 – How did you feel about Boss Brawl?
The most voted option was Fun.

12/17/2017 – What is your longest survival time for Robo Rumble?
Here are the results:
Total votes: 32
0:00 – 1:59 minutes – 1 vote
2:00 – 3:59 minutes – 8 votes
4:00 – 5:59 minutes – 6 votes
6:00 – 6:59 minutes – 8 votes
7:00+ minutes – 9 votes

You might wonder why there was no poll on the 24th. The reason is that first of all, it was Christmas Eve, and second of all, we were organizing our first tournament, where you can find the results to here. We would like to give huge thanks to everyone who participates in these because it is you who keeps us motivated to do more.

Want next week’s poll? Here it is:

How was 2017 for you?

  • A great year
  • A not-so-good year
  • A happy year
  • An adventurous year
  • A year where I finally did something outstanding
  • It was like all other years
  • Brawl Stars

Well, that’s it! As we cruise our way into 2018, I will let off with a question for you to ask yourself, “I’m I happy?”


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