Star Powers: Good Or Bad? (Part 1)

Hey guys, and I know that the brawler guides from me have been very inconsistant. HOWEVER seeing as my school holiday has just begun, I’ll have plenty of time to write, so I’m preparing a few things for you all.

Soo… The update. New upgrade system, a new brawler, 2 new game modes, no chips, free gems and NO DUPLICATE BRAWLERS!!! Man don’t you guys hate it when you open a box hoping to get a new brawler or some extra elixir and you get that duplicate colt? I feel ya.. but anyways…

The thing I wanted to touch on in this blog is the update system – in particular, the new Star Powers. Most of you guys probably know what they are, and those people can skip this paragraph. However, for those of you who don’t:

Star Powers are essentially a passive effect that a brawler recieves when they are complete maxed out. This (if I have calculated correctly) will cost a total of 2,740 tokens, with 9 pins costing 20 tokens, 6 badges costing 50 and 3 medals costing 120. Then there are 3 crests which can be unlocked when each of the pins, badges and medal are unlocked respectively, each costing 300 and finally, there is this forementioned Star Power which costs 1000 tokens to unlock.

The questions that will be answered now are:

  • Which Star Powers are worth it?
  • Which are the most powerful?

I hear you guys already, “all of the star powers cost the same…” YES YES I KNOW! What I mean is which Star Powers are better to purchase than to get from a brawl box.

P.S. In part 1, I will go through all the commons’ star powers. I’ll do the rest in parts 2, 3 and 4, don’t worry ’bout that.


Shelly’s Star Power is called Shell Shocked (Good luck saying that 5 times) and it slows down enemies that are hit by her super for 3 seconds. I do not know the speed level that it is reduced to, but imagine that they are moving in a Spike’s super. Yeah. At that speed. Real real slow. So, that may seem really REALLY underwhelming, but oh boyz, its completely overpowered. The attack basically does about 1k damage if used well, leaving them on about 2k-3k health. Then, they are slowed down to a snail pace allowing you run up to them and demolish them in a matter of seconds. It can also be used to slow down a running target, or a chasing enemy.

In my opinion, this Star Power is one of the most powerful, and I would definitely recommend getting from tokens, as this one of the best and easiest to use.




Colt’s Star Power is called Slick Boots and he basically gets a new pair of boots that increase his movement speed (plz don’t question the logic) and this allows him to move at a speed the same as Crow (I think). This Star Power has several uses:

  • Reaching a certain area faster
  • Dodging more efficiently
  • Making Brocks and Pipers have to adjust their aim

These factors can ALL benefit a team, hence making me believe that this should be a definite for keen Colt users. I personally would buy this Star Power, as oppose to waiting to get it from a Brawl Box.



Alrighty, next on the bucket list is Bear With Me, which is basically like a symbiotic relationship between Nita and her Bear. When the Bear does damage, Nita heals 200 health, and when the Bear does damage, Nita heals 200 health. This Star Power is extremely difficult to use well, but if it is used well, it can be a force to be reckoned with. To use it successfully, one should move alongside the bear, supporting it by letting it take the hits, while constantly healing it to keep it alive. When the bear reaches the target, it just becomes a massacre.

I feel that this Star Power is one of the more powerful ones, despite its excessive IMG_1094underestimation. This Star Power should be purchased for keen Nita users who know how to use her well. (AKA Not me)


So… Dynamike. His Star Power is… interesting to say the least. It’s called Dyna-Jump and it essentially uses the blast radius of dynamikes attacks to launch himself through the air, over walls, anywhere. To be honest, I feel that it can be used to escape exceptionally well as well as to avoid attacks such as Brock’s super and Spike’s Super. It can also be used exceptionally well in Heist to jump over the walls and shortcut straight to the safe.

So, yeah I see Mike’s Star Power as a useful utility in an IMG_1097arsenal for escape. One of the downsides of this Star Power is the inability to excel in all situations that he used to be able to do.. I would rather get this super from a Brawl Box, as it could simply be a nuisance in a close-quatered battle.

El Primo

Alright, so thanks to the conveniently placed new update, I have had to rewrite some of this article, this one especially. So El Primo’s Star Power is called El Fuego, and it sorta superpowers his Flying Elbow Drop. Now when he hits an enemywith his super, they will take 600 total damage over a time of 4 seconds. The effect is basically an added extra that helps to recharge the super.


El Primo’s Star Power is quite useful as it constantly charges up the super, allowing you to benefit from it again and again. I would recommend this super for El Primo users in general, and I would definitely buy it instead of waiting for a Brawl Box.


And thats part 1 of my 4 part (probably gonna be 4 part…) series of the Pros and Cons of each Star Power! Please note that it takes a while to make one of these posts, soit might be a bit before another one comes out! Anyways, hope you enjoyed, a Merry Christmas to everyone and brawl on!
















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