The Problem with GG Coral and How to Solve It

Alright, so we’ve all suffered from GG Coral, and it’s getting pretty annoying. If you don’t find a problem, good for you, but for most players, we have trouble winning on defense, even after the most recent update.

The Problem

The big problem here is the unbalanced map of GG Coral. Sure, heist generally isn’t that balanced, but all maps are still possible to win on both sides without max brawlers. GG Coral, on the other hand, requires either extreme skill on defense or trash attackers for the defense to win. The map is hated by most players and the general design of it is very poor. If a map has been changed over and over again without much success, there is only one way left to solve the problem…

The Solution

Let’s fix this problem now, unless you want to keep losing trophies. Supercell has made numerous changes to the map trying to balance out the map and make defense easier, but it hasn’t been very effective. Therefore, the best way to solve this problem is to just remove the map completely from the game! I’m sure not many people will be complaining, and this gives Supercell something else to worry about instead of trying to balance out the map.


So what do you think? Is GG Coral still unbalanced and should be removed from the game? Anyways, that will wrap up this post and answer the questions! Stay tuned for the next blog but until then, brawl on!


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