Mini Update! Bug Fixes, Balancing, and more QoL Changes!

A new mini-update came out today in Brawl Stars following last week’s major update. This minor update focuses on fixing many issues that appeared as a result of the last update. Here is everything that changed!


  • Tickets are now permanent and can be used in any ticketed event.
  • Added more stakes for ticketed events: 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20
  • Tickets have been added to the shop and can be purchased with gems. Tickets are only visible while an event is active.


  • Coin Booster has been removed from the game. Any remaining Coin Boosters can be used until they expire but can no longer be purchased or found in Brawl Boxes.
  • Coin Doubler drop chance is doubled (replacing Booster drops)

Game Rooms:

  • Brawl Boxes can be opened from Game Rooms
  • When the game room owner leaves the room another player will be promoted to owner instead of disbanding the room

UI Changes:

  • New health and ammo bar style
  • Hit indicator added to Super button: When your Super is full the button will flash and play a sound when you land an attack
  • Joystick size is now properly scaled to match the physical size of the device
  • Added the trophy sorted Brawler list back to profile page
  • Brawler trophies added to battle end screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Coin Booster effect not being shown on rank up pop-up. It was working correctly in the previous version but was not displayed.
  • Fixed issue where charging characters fly if they get a push back at the same time the charge starts. (RIP flying Bulls and Darryls!)
  • Boss Fight end screen texts changed from Victory/Defeat to Time Reward
  • Gameroom: friendly room: swapping team should unready the player (so that duplicate brawler rule will get enforced)
  • Fixed issue where Darryl could get stuck into water on G.G. Corral
  • Fixed issue with Darryl getting stuck inside walls
  • Fixed issue where Darryl didn’t get destroyed during roll in Brawl Ball after goal was scored
  • Fixed mismatch between Darryl Super aiming line and actual outcome of the roll



  • Star Player is now less likely to be awarded to a member on the losing team
  • Star Player is now less likely to be awarded to players who lost many stars in Bounty or dropped a lot of gems
  • Nita’s Bear, Jessie’s Turret and Pam’s Healing Station all have a bit less health when these characters are bosses in Boss Fight
  • Temple Ruins tweaked to make Barley-Dynamike-Mortis strategy less effective
  • G.G. Corral tweaked to be more difficult for attackers

Brawler Balance

El Primo

  • Health increased by 200
  • Star Power burn duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Total damage increased from 400 to 600 over 4 seconds.


  • Health increased by 200
  • Main attack damage increased from 400 to 440.
  • Star Power now triggers at 50% health (up from 30%)


  • Star Power vision increased from 5 to 6 tiles


  • Star Power damage increased from 160 to 240 per second


  • Crow’s Super charges slightly more slowly (needs to hit with 6 daggers + poison instead of 5 + poison)
  • Crow’s poison duration from main attack and Super reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Total damage remains the same.


  • Increased reload time from 1.25s to 1.5s (reload time starts after all bullets are fired so the increase in total time is much less impactful than these numbers would suggest)


  • Star Power healing reduced from 1200 to 1000 per soul collected.


  • Health increased by 200
  • Star Power healing effect increased from 180 to 200.


  • Healing station heal effect reduced from 400 to 360
  • Fixed bug which allowed healing station to expire


  • Health increased by 200
  • Darryl’s main attack shots are fired a bit closer together
  • Star Power damage reduction increased from 70% to 80% damage reduced while using Super
  • Super roll speed decreased slightly from 2800 to 2400


  • New Star Power: Poco’s main attack now also heals allies for 200 health per hit


  • Star Power healing reduced from 600 to 500 health per second


  • Star Power companion health increased from 1600 to 2000
  • Bug Fix: Star Power companion no longer scales with Showdown power-ups or when Tara is a boss in Boss Fight


  • New Star Power effects (visual)
  • Star Power damage reduced from 100 to 80


That’s it! Thanks for reading!


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