The Cons Of The Update

Well, the 12/7/2017 update has been out for almost a week now, and it’s been OK so far. However, if you haven’t noticed, with all the new things that came, the negative also start showing up. Let’s dive in to find out the negative side of the last update.

The Removal of the Wild West Theme

Although many people argue the game was not originally intended to stay wild weary with brawlers like Ricochet not fitting in, the game was actually supposed to have a Wild West feeling and now is more futuristic. But as the game goes on, I’m sure the theme will start becoming more natural unless the theme changes again.

The Game is Way More Pay-2-Win

The Brawl Stars team has made this game much harder to play successfully without spending money. The team made getting NEW brawlers cheaper with the special boxes, but they did not announce that the game is not any cheaper but rather much more expensive. The new upgrade system has made the game more like Clash Royale where it takes a very long time to max one brawler out. There are just too many upgrades, and yes, you can get them from boxes, but there are over 1000 upgrades in total, each costing at least 20 tokens and the Star Power costing around 1000 tokens. From a regular box, the minimum is 10 tokens, which is a major downgrade from before the update. The conversion rate for elixir was 1 elixir = 40 tokens, so basically, we are now receiving 1/4 of what we used to get. Also, it costs at least 20 tokens to upgrade, meaning 2 boxes of minimum tokens, when before the update, it only took 1 box to get that first upgrade. Continuing on, each upgrade increases the stats of the brawler by a significantly smaller amount because there are more upgrades to purchase. Brawlers that are not near max are very difficult to play with against a team of highly upgraded brawlers, making the game not fun since most players have been only using their near max / maxed brawlers in matches.

The Numerous Bugs and Glitches

The update took over 3 months to complete. One would think this means the testing has been done and most bugs have been taken care of. However, this is not the case at all! Multiple new bugs have been reported on Reddit already, and there are many old bugs that have yet to be fixed. Bugs not only change the game but can also give a team an unfair advantage in a match. Supercell really needs to consider not having such a massive update that can barely meet their planned deadline. With smaller more frequent updates, this not only allows players to get used to the new changes quicker but also gives the developers more time to test and fix and bus or glitches they find. 

Statistics Problems

If you haven’t noticed already, when you view your own profile, you won’t see the usual list of brawlers you have. While this isn’t such a big deal, it is nice to be able to see all you brawlers and their trophies on a smaller scale so you can easily compare them. Also, the trophies display area on the home screen and coins when rounds end are both very small compared to before, which can be inconvenient. The coins section is gone, and there is no way to know how many coins you have unless you look at how many brawl boxes you can open and how many coins you need to open another box. It is also impossible to view the leaderboards when being in a room, which can get annoying sometimes, at least to me. Also, when you search for a clan, there are no suggested clans displayed, so unless you search up a random clan name or have a clan you want to go to, good luck finding a decent clan!

No Fixed Joystick

I’m not sure whether this was intentional or not, but the fixed joystick is now gone. This goes back to old days with the joystick getting stuck and other issues. Hopefully, if this is a bug, it will get fixed soon.

Well, that is it for this post! As you can see, updates are not all good, as many cons appear as well. I hope you have enjoyed and stay tuned for more blogs! Brawl on!


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