Compose a SOLID team in every game mode!

Hey Brawlers,

Do you ever feel like there are WAY too many possible combinations for SnG? Let’s see if we can learn how to create a solid team composition by running over a few tips. It’s Master Phil with you, and let’s take a deeper dive into this topic!

Every single game mode has slightly different objectives and playing styles, and there’ll always be brawlers that are favored and others that are not ideal. But it’s always possible to make a well-balanced team that will perform if not excellent, still well in every game mode. The criteria include the following:

Tank/Aggressor: This brawler’s role is to maintain pressure throughout the duration of the match. They’re the front-line soldier and should have medium to high HP with a powerful attack. This allows them to protect the rest of the team with these attributes. A few brawlers that fit in this category:

Shelly- Your classic starter brawler who blows up anything with her shotgun

El Primo and Bull- They can stand more than a few hits with their super-buffed HP and if they get anywhere near you, you’re sure to get obliterated.

Mortis- He’s not exactly a tank but he’s definitely a brawler that dashes around at close quarters, which makes him an effective front-line brawler.


Map control/Utilitarian: The brawler fulfilling this role should have the ability to control the map, control the crowd or just have a TON of utility in general. Some examples include:

Barley and Dynamike- Throwers with excellent map control capabilities because of their unique attack

Jessie, Nita, Spike, Bo etc. – All these brawlers have an exclusive attack or super that gives them an edge. Because of this, it makes them a valuable member in the team for as they fulfil roles of their own that can’t be done by any other brawler.player_icon_jessplayer_icon_boplayer_icon_barley

Long range/Sniper- This is the third member of the team and this brawler’s role is to support the team from the back-line while hindering/destroying enemies using their extended range. This consists of four brawlers:

Piper and Brock- Both of these are back-line brawlers that pack an INSANE punch in each of their shots. Even though they have a slower reload speed, they can utterly blow anybody to bits with just a few shots!

Colt and Ricochet- These two are more chip-style back-line brawlers. They shoot multiple bullets and pack a bigger punch with the more shots you land. They’re excellent at keeping unwanted enemies at bay with their quick, relentless firepower. player_icon_coltplayer_icon_brockplayer_icon_piper

This is just a general overview/outline for a solid team composition and feel free to change brawlers to suit the game mode you’re playing (e.g. swap out Piper for Brock in SnG). Thanks for spending a few minutes of your time with us on BSD, and keep brawlin’!


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