Brawlers and Maps: The Unnoticed Link


I think that the link and synergies between certain Brawlers and certain maps are something that goes largely unnoticed in many Brawler guides I’ve read. This is a very important topic, as using the right Brawlers in the right maps can exponentially increase the trophy gain from those events.

In this guide we’ll be covering this link and how you can use it to your advantage, spotlighting some Brawlers and maps in particular.

Dynamike and Triple Dribble

I think Dynamike is one of the most notable Brawlers when it comes to variance in how good he is on certain maps as opposed to others. For example, Brawl Ball is one game mode that really stands out to me, as Dynamike excels in this mode as a whole but even more so in certain maps.

Triple Dribble is his strongest map layout in my opinion, because of the narrow alleyways leading up to the goal that opponents will have to come through on their way to scoring. This makes Dynamike’s superior area denial extremely useful as he can simply block the alleyways with his endless supply of bombs (his reload time is quite fast) to prevent Brawlers from going through. 4 of his attacks can kill even an El Primo!

Another useful tidbit of information is that if you play ultra-defensively until the last minute or so of the game, and not let the opposing team score any goals, the opponents will get frustrated and make stupid mistakes, such as rushing, unguarded, directly to the goal. You can capitalize on this by simply casting your bombs a little in front of them so they will hit spot on every time, and in mere seconds, they will be dead and your Super charged.

On the offensive, Dynamike is very good in this map as well, because if you load up your Super using the method described above and force the opponents to go on the defensive, you can rush in and destroy the very same walls that were assets to you, and probably also hit some of their players who were hiding behind said walls. Possible target locations for the Super are shown below, which could provide insane value.

Little bonus tip if you didn’t already know: If you hit two Brawlers with Dynamike’s super bomb, it will instantly charge up again.

As you can see, Dynamike is very good in this map, but he is also good in Brawl Ball in general, if only for his ability to hide behind a wall very near the center right from the beginning and cast his attacks directly on the ball in the center. This results in heavy punishment and Super charge for Dynamike when an opposing Brawler attempts to get the ball.

Bull and Bone Box

This doesn’t need much explaining, just whenever there is a Bone Box Smash and Grab event play Bull. You just have to hang around in the bushes on the sidelines and make it over to their side of the map without being noticed. From there you can spawn kill everyone and just retreat to the bushes anytime you are hurt.

Another huge perk of this synergy is that if someone grabs a lot of crystals, most of the time they will retreat to the alleyway in between the “box” in the center and the side bushes. In this case, you can jump out at them and severely damage them, if not kill them.

Here is a picture of the map, just for reference:

Bone box

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you learned something! I’ll be doing more of these in the near future and spotlighting different Brawlers, maybe let me know which ones you want me to spotlight?

Cya until next time, and Brawl on!



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