Hey guys, welcome back to another post with Master Phil!

Today we’ll be discussing the games modes that heavily depend on team performance to succeed and others that don’t require as much co-operation. Each game mode is unique, and requires a different set of skills to succeed. After this article, hopefully you’ll get a better idea as to which game mode you should meet up for a Skype call while you play, and the others that you can yolo solo! Let’s end this rambling and take a deeper dive into all 5 game modes!

Smash and Grab: Smash and Grab is a game mode that heavily depends on the team working together as one in order for success. The three players must heavily support each other and work together to gain control and win!(An example: The team must communicate who will be the gem carrier, flanker and tank.) This game is okay with randos but more communication there is between everybody, the higher chance of victory!

Bounty: This is a game mode where the most blood-lust and kills earns you the win. Team co-operation is needed (e.g. trapping an opponent, tanking for a teammate) but it isn’t the MOST important aspect required for winning. Players can often carry their whole team just by farming kills non-stop. As long as your team doesn’t have members that enjoy feeding stars to the opponents, it’s quite easy to still win while playing with randos.

Brawl Ball: Brawl ball’s just like a game of soccer. Passing the ball to teammates and working together is always a better option then being a ball hog. Brawl ball is a game mode that definitely requires good team work for success. It’s often hard to try and win  by yourself as you’ll have three people constantly against you at all times. With the help of your teammates, you’ll stand a better chance of defending and scoring. Definitely try to meet up with your friends while you play this mode, as you’ll have better communication and an advantage compared to the other team!

Heist: All as one. One as all. That’s basically what you need to do in Heist. Whether you’re playing offence or defence, that’s the main key.
Offence: Try to work as a team and co-operate a major breakthrough while their team is unorganised/split apart. This can often instantly win you the game if you make a SUPER push where you throw in everything you have!

Defence: Work together to defend different parts of the map (e.g. left, mid, right) and look out for one another. If you manage to always apply pressure and not break ranks, it’ll be very difficult for the offensive team to damage the safe!

Just two examples and you can see how co-operation can be an absolute game changer in Heist, regardless of your team objective.

Showdown: YES, that’s right. You can also be a dirty teamer in Showdown! Just do a few ballet spins and co-operate with a few buddies, and you’ll probably have a better chance of survival… and also getting back-stabbed.

Hope you guys take something away from this article and remember, keep brawlin’.



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