Resources in the December Update


In the upcoming December Update for Brawl Stars, resources are getting a complete rework. This guide will give you my take on the update as a whole, and in particular, what it means for your hard-earned resources.

My Take on the December Update

In my opinion, this update is long overdue. Many of the QoL (Quality of Life) features should have been put in earlier, and this update was supposed to come out in November, conforming with the 2-month update model that Supercell seems to have adopted for Clash Royale and seemingly Brawl Stars as well.

But, I find myself quite glad that they waited because, as they say, haste makes waste, and I think (or at least hope) that this update will be anything but a waste.

We are getting 2 new game modes, both unranked, and both looking to be devilishly fun and unique. Both modes are vastly different from anything we’ve seen in any other Supercell game…

I will probably write a guide on synergies and team compositions in the new modes once said modes are released, but for now, let’s talk about the resources.

Resources – What’s Changing and What Does That Mean?

In this monumental update, two existing resource types are being taken out and two others are being added in, so we will still have 3 types of resources. Chips and Elixir are getting discontinued, and Tokens (formerly called Bolts) and Tickets are getting introduced into the game.

Every Chip you have will be converted into gems. You will get 3 gems for every 1 Chip you have. This means:

If you want to buy a Super Rare Brawler, it is 20 Chips to buy currently. After the update, you won’t be able to buy Brawlers anymore, but if you get a Super Rare Box from the Shop you’re guaranteed a new Super Rare. 20 Chips will become 60 Gems, which is not enough to buy a Super Rare Box (80 Gems). Therefore, if you want a certain Super Rare, buy it now.

If you want to buy an Epic Brawler, it is 60 chips currently to buy. 60 chips convert to 180 gems, and an Epic Brawler Box is 170 gems. You will have 10 gems left over, which can buy another Brawl Box. Therefore, you should wait to buy Epic Brawlers if you want them unless you are missing both of them, want one of the epics, and don’t like to take that 50/50 chance.

For Mythic and Legendary Brawlers, buy them now. After the update, there will be no way to guarantee getting one.

Now for Elixir. After the update, all Elixir you have ever spent will be re-added to your elixir balance and all Brawlers will go back to “level 1” so you can re-distribute your Elixir. All elixir will be converted into the new currency replacing Elixir, called Tokens (formerly Bolts). Now each character has 6 levels of upgrade for each path (Attack, Health, Super) and additional boosts (only referred to vaguely as “Nitro” in the Brawl Talk) are unlocked after getting 3 upgrades on each path, 5 upgrades on each path, and 6 upgrades on each path. After the Brawler is maxed out (6 upgrades on all paths) you can also unlock a special ability, unique to that Brawler. Presumably, these can all be bought with Tokens.

You could just upgrade your most favorite Brawler all the way to max and get its ability, or you can evenly distribute the Bolts and maybe try to get the first Nitro on your favorite Brawlers. The upgrade priorities remain the same with respect to what to upgrade first (from Attack, Health, and Super), but now if you have a Brawler that’s really low and one that’s 1 upgrade away from getting a Nitro, you might want to spend the Tokens on the Brawler that’s about to get the Nitro.

Keep in mind that you can pull high-level upgrades from Brawl Boxes, so you might not want to blow out all your Tokens on one Brawler’s 5th or 6th upgrade, or feel like you have to spend Tokens on a Brawler you don’t really like just because it is really low leveled. You could get lucky and pull a Level 6 upgrade for that Brawler from a Box!


Thanks for reading this post and I hope this helps you wrap your head around how to spend/save resources in preparation for the new update. Follow Brawl Stars Daily for more blogs like these! Thanks for reading!


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