Brawl Talk and Update News

Hey guys! The Brawl Stars team teased today on Instagram that the new Brawl Talk video is going to be released very soon! Many people have suspected the video to be released on Dec.1st and the update on De. 4th. Although these dates have not been confirmed, they seem likely to be true! Get hyped! The team replied to a post saying the video was going to be released this week! The video they posted on Instagram shows them recording the Brawl Talk, so there is a high chance of it coming out on or near the predicted date of Friday, Dec. 1st.

Here’s a Reddit post of the Instagram tease:

Here is a Reddit post where the team replied saying the video will be released this week (perhaps Friday, Dec.1st?):

I know we are all excited for this new update (it better not be disappointing), so stay up to date and follow us to get notified when the Brawl Talk video and the update drops! Also stay informed about everything that’s coming in this update! Now our question is: When is global release?


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