11/26/2017 Weekly Poll Results

The week is over, and since 11/19/2017, the weekly polls start and end on Sunday. Last week’s poll is now over and the results are in.

Last week’s poll:

When do you think the next update will be?

  1. Tomorrow
  2. End of November
  3. December
  4. January
  5. Never

The Results:

  • Total votes: 9
  • Tomorrow: 0
  • End of November: 1
  • December: 7
  • January: 1
  • Never: 0

Thanks to all that voted, and if you didn’t, we encourage you to participate in next week’s poll:

Which long-ranged brawler is the best?

  1. Colt
  2. Brock
  3. Piper
  4. Ricochet
  5. None

Keep voting and the results will be posted next Sunday! Brawl on!


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