Brawl Ball – what needs to be fixed

Hey guys, it’s YoYoSef here with a new brawl stars blog. Today I want to talk to you guys about Brawl Ball. Once an awesome game mode now is in need of heavy repairment, and I will explain why. Let’s get right into it!

The Beginning

When Brawl Ball first came out, it was deemed to be a great and fair game mode to balance the unfair and aggravating Heist game mode. Now, there are many issues and problems that players face that really need to be removed or fixed.

The confirmed goal

Ever seen when a ball lands right on your goal, and every time you try to pick it up, it’ll be a goal? This makes players very annoyed because there is nothing they can do to save it. Considering the time limit and 2 goal limit of the game, which I will touch on soon, it’s something that really needs to be fixed.

The impossible block

Ever had those moments when the opposing team attempts to score, you play goalie, but the ball goes right through you into the goal? I don’t understand this. If you’re in the way of a ball and blocking it, shouldn’t it stop moving? Brawl Stars has different logic, of course. This is more of a dysfunctional issue – sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t, which is why it’s kinda tough to remove.

The 2 goal limit of the game

One…. two!!! GG.. What?? Why only 2 goals. I was never a big fan of this limit and now many people are on my side. 2 goals prevents a lot of awesome entertainment that could be developed by this game. In real life sports, we see huge comebacks all the time and this gives us feelings of amazement, pride, and shock, but in brawl ball, we don’t see any of this. Why not remove this goal limit, and just keep that simple time limit, like every real sport has. Let players have the chance to make huge comebacks – from 5-0, or have huge blowouts and test how good their team is.

The bushes – are kinda useless

Finally, the bushes. I don’t know many people who have thought about this and agree with me, but really, bushes in this mode are just annoying.. and useless… When you have the ball, everyone knows where you are. When you don’t have the ball, it’s better to fight and hunt the person down who has the ball rather than hide in a bush. I get that you can hide in a bush and wait for a person who comes by you, but in reality, with a Barley throwing bombs everywhere and a Shelly hunting everyone down, that’s way too rare. A more open and clear field could be more enticing for the players. heck, take down a couple walls, just keep the goal protected as it is and let the players do all the mad work.

That’s it for my views on Brawl Stars guys. I hope you guys could understand where I’m coming from. Brawl Ball, when it first came out, I thought of it as a cool new game to try out and play. But now, I just stick to losing 7 trophies in showdown facing teams of 8 people. I’d like to know if you guys agree or disagree with my views, and tell me anything else that you recommend. Keep Brawling!


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