Thanksgiving TWB and BSD Contest

Hey guys! It’s the week of Thanksgiving! Why not celebrate it with a contest? The Weekly Brawler and Brawl Stars Daily are hosting a competition from Monday to Thursday. There will be a first place winner and a second place winner. Good Luck!



  1. Create a concept for what you think the brawler will do
  2. Create a 2 paragraph story about the brawlersneak peek brawler.png
    • the top 4 submissions will be picked and will be ranked based on community votes (most votes = 1st place, etc.)



  1. 1st place- $10 iTunes from BSD and name on Hall of Fame sectiongiftaway
  2. 2nd place-  Shoutout on the blog, special role on the TWB server, and name on Hall of Fame section (Discord at the bottom of the page)
    • the top 4 submissions will be featured on both websites



  1. Your work MUST be ORIGINAL (unoriginal work or copied work will be void)
  2. You should put effort into this (or you won’t win!)brawl_stars___el_primo_by_wping-dbe6ico
  3. No profanity, sexuality, offensive, or graphic items may be included in the description or story


How To Enter

  • Submit your description and story to either or



  • The LAST day to submit your creation is Thursday, Nov. 23 at 11:59pm.
  • We will NOT accept late entries, as we put have time to pick and allow time for community voting
  • Winners will be announced Saturday, Nov. 23


If you think you have what it takes to win, go ahead and enter! Even if you aren’t sure you are going to get 1st place, there’s no harm in trying! To all of you who are entering, good luck! Join our Discord servers:

BSD – 






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