How to Get Free Brawl Stars Gems #3

The third way of getting free Brawl Stars gems is here! As always, if this method doesn’t suit you, there have been 2 other ways posted already. If none of these ways fit you, no worries! More ways are coming soon. Now let’s get one with the next way of getting free Brawl Stars gems.

This method requires a little more work than most others. However, it can also earn you a lot more cash. I am talking about Fiverr. Never heard of it before? Basically, Fiverr is a freelancer website in where sellers have gigs where the buyer purchases an offer and the seller completes it. The seller sets their own price so you can find the right price that fits the service, and if a buyer finds it interesting, they can buy from you! This method might not be for you if you don’t have any of the skills listed here. If you find one you can do, sign up and create a gig. The more quality gigs you have, the higher the chance of a buyer purchasing your service!

So far, I’ve earned over $150, and you can withdraw to a Paypal account, a direct bank deposit, or a Fiverr revenue card. As you can see, if you’ve got creativity, you can keep the money rolling in.

Special Thanksgiving Fiverr deals that end 11/26/2017:

  • Need a video edited?

  • Need an IOS App tested or reviewed?

  • Need videos captioned?

  • Need a website tested or need feedback?

  • Need a high-quality logo?

  • Need the backgrounds removed from photos?

Well, that’s it for this method! Doesn’t fit you? No worries, as much more will come, but until then, brawl on and save your money!


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