Brawler Guide: Barley (Part 1)

Hi all, Galaxy again! Today I’m here with another brawler guide on Barley, our favorite barkeeper robot!

So, let’s begin with the classes I gave him:

  • img_3377


  • Area Control

Utility to some people may be an interesting choice, though if you think about it logically, it makes sense. Barley has the unique ability to throw projectiles over walls, something that only 2 brawlers have. His super also can be over a very small area but with heavy damage and a small amount of coverage, or a very large area with minor damage but a large amount of coverage.

Area control seems pretty straightforward. Area of effect attacks with a relatively large area of effect and can be used to hit the ground? Seems like an area controller to me…

Ok now for the close commenders:

  • Disruption. I thought suited Barley as he can easily make everyone scatter to avoid not only his regular attack, which is already superimposing but his super attack as well as if it is used well, it can have a devastating effect. Buuut it didn’t make the cut as utility and area control are more what he does well at.

Soo now for Barley’s attacks. His regular attack is called Undiluted, and he lobIMG_5488s a bottle of corrosive wine onto the field, staying there for 2 seconds and doing 140 damage per second (the attack does tick damage). This can be well used as the attack has a large radius of about 4 tiles, which can be used to cover most entry and exit points. As stated in Bo’s brawler guides, area control bases itself off choke points, and this lets Barley do well in Bounty.



Barley’s super is called Last Call, and it throws 5 bottles of burning wine (I think that’s what it is…) onto a large area or a small area. I stated earlier that the radiIMG_5489us and stacking of the attack are based off the range of that the attack is used from, so the attack can be used to completely DECIMATE one brawler or chip at a bunch of them.



General Performance

Barley excels at Bounty and Brawl Ball because they benefit from the use of choke points and the recycling of one super many many times… He also does well at Heist as he has the ability to lob over walls, which allows him to destroy the opponents from a safe distance away.

Smash and Grab: 4/5

Bounty: 4.5/5

Showdown: 4/5

Heist: 5/5

Brawl Ball: 4/5


Average Rating: 4.5/5

Our Rating: 4.5/5


Soo thats another post from me, hope you enjoyed, see ya’ll in another post and as always, brawl on!





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