New Mini Sneak Peek for Next Update

Hey brawlers! So Supercell has tried to make us brawlers more excited for the next update and keep the community buzzing. Here is what Supercell said in a Reddit post:

Hey guys,

Just want to drop a couple more features that are coming!

  • You’ll be able to see which Band members are online.
  • New Game Mode.
  • Single-use name change (after XP 5).

There’s so much more coming in the update, and we’re really really excited to share it with you guys! We’re working on the latest Brawl Talk now and it will cover everything that’s coming.


Well, I hope you are as excited as I am for the next big update, but until then, stay brawlin’!


One Reply to “New Mini Sneak Peek for Next Update”

  1. OMG OMG i so need the single use name change feature (i totally didnt put GalaxyUnknow because the n and 5 couldnt fit…

    After the update, ill be GU5 just so that ya’ll know


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