5 Things That Must Be Changed In Brawl Stars

As you all know, Brawl Stars has been out for months now, with no signs of a global release. Even now, they still don’t have an estimated release date or month, which is a huge setback to many. The developers want to make the game the best it could be before releasing it globally, so on today’s blog, I’ll be going over 5 things that should be changed in Brawl Stars.

Before going further, I must say that these are my opinions on the game, so if you don’t think one of my ideas should be changed, let me know in the comments! If you want a different idea, also put that in the comments!

1) El Primo’s Super Delay

El Primo used to be one of the best and most OP brawlers in the game. Recently, it hasn’t been used quite as often (not saying it’s underpowered). One thing I noticed is that his super has quite a delay in initiating. This causes failure to escape combat, missing the jump, and miss-calculations. I suggest fixing this if it’s a bug; if not, simply decrease the delay for El Primo’s super.

2) G.G. Corral

G.G. Corral is probably to most unbalanced map in the game. This Heist map gives a huge advantage to attackers, even after the recent “balance change” to it. The safe has too less health (2 Barley’s super’s is really all you need) and is way too easy for attackers to advance. A safe health buff and an increased distance from the attackers and the safe would possibly help balance this map out. Another suggestion would be to remove the map completely. Recently, I have noticed that G.G. Corral barely comes into rotation anymore. I don’t know if the team is doing this on purpose or is it just chance that it hasn’t appeared much. If this map is continuously unbalanced, it would be in Supercell’s best interest to remove this map entirely.

3) Boxes

You knew this was coming. Boxes have an extremely low chance of getting a super rare, mythic, or legendary. The introduction of the rarity boxes in the last update was not a great idea. This allowed people to max their accounts faster by buying rarity-specific boxes instead of the generic box. Those boxes should have been added when the game had at least 25-30 brawlers; there are just not enough brawlers to have a box for a specific rarity (i.e., there are only two epics: piper and pam). They should also increase the drop rates in the regular and Big Boxes, since right now it’s nearly impossible to get all the brawlers when you’re f2p (free to play).

4) Band Additions

Bands are extremely useful in this game, especially for the sake of not playing with “randoms” (of course, it’s always the randoms that are bad:)). Since the band size has been doubled from 50 to 100 members, they must add a way to better communicate with the band. There is no invite option, no band mail section, and not many band icons and trophy ranges to choose from. They must at the very minimum implement the band mail system ASAP to help the leader and co-leaders improve messages to all the members of their band. Currently, many bands rely on an external messaging service like Discord (join our Discord here) to communicate with the band, which is time away from the game. It would be in Supercell’s best interest to implement an improved communications system to the band as well as more trophy requirement ranges and band icons to choose from.

5) Replays

At least, we have come to game replays. This feature will not only allow brawlers to share their amazing skill with their band but also share any cool glitches or tricks as well. Replays can even help brawlers improve from watching their mistakes in their losing rounds. Nevertheless, replay’s are an essential feature that must be added to the next few updates and definitely before global release.

That’s it for this blog! I hope you enjoyed these 5 things that I felt needed to be changed/added into the game. Any comments or questions? Let me know below! Thanks for reading a blog by Brawl Stars Daily! Follow us to neve miss a post!


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