Brawler Guide: Bo (Part 2)

Hi guys! Galaxy back again with the second part on the Brawler Guide on Bo!

So, in Part 2, I will be going through how to use Bo in each different game mode. This will also be partially based off the rating I put in Part 1. So, heres a recap of what I put:

Smash and Grab: 5/5
Bounty: 5/5
Showdown: 2.5/5
Heist: 3.5/5
Brawl Ball: 4/5

Average Rating: 4/5
Our Rating: 4.5/5

So, lets begin!


Smash and Grab

I rated Bo very highly in Smash and Grab and Bounty (more on Bounty later) as these are simply what he does well in. Not only does Smash and Grab have an increased amount of health, he also, as I emphasised before, excels at defending.

The best way to use Bo in Smash and Grab is by grabbing dashing in while your teammates provide cover fire or you shoot yourself. After you claim as many gems as you can from the gem mine, then you dash out of there wth your gem/s. As long as you do this successfully and consistently, then you should be fine.

The other way you can play well in smash and grab is by providing a distraction or make them scatter. Bo is seen as a threat in Smash and Grab, so distracting is something he does well at.




I said earlier that Bo does well that Bounty. This is simply because of the excess of choke points in each of the maps. Think about this. The only map that doesn’t have any chokepoints is Shooting Star. To make it easier to visualise, I will write them down below:

Terracotta Square – 3 choke points

Temple Ruins – 5 choke points

Star Gulch – 3 choke points

Shooting Star – 0 choke points

Groundhog Burrow – 2/3 choke points (depends on the side you spawn on)

As you can see, Bo will so well at controlling the choke points relatively well in most of these maps, including Temple Ruins, as it all depends on how well you play and where you place the mines. Bo will also do well at defeating groups of enemies, which will happen a lot in Groundhog Burrow and Temple Ruins.

When using Bo in all maps except shooting star, the best thing to do is control the choke points, defeating or scaring away brawlers attempting to pass through the specific choke points. As long you consistently do this, (and your teammates are half decent…) you should be fine.



Bo is not a brawler that does well at showdown, but if played well, he can be relatively powerful. But, if you somehow do end up using Bo in showdown…

Bo can defeat 2 power crates (thats what I’ll call them) at once, and then usually can’t recieve any more. If you want to survive, then you should spray arrows into every bush within range, using the tips in the first part to make it easier. Then, if you can avoid Colt, Brock or Ricochet, then you should survive up to about 5th.


Bo does alright at defending in heist, but attacking is just… lets not talk about it. When Bo attacks, he can only really provide a distraction or tank for the team. Otherwise, then you basically lost.

When defending, then you can do very well. The long ranged attack that Bo has can defeat the enemies from a distance and the mines can defend the choke points, which there usually are a lack of. Basically, as long as you can successfully keep the enemies at a distance or prevent them from entering through the choke points, then you should be good to go.

Brawl Ball

Bo can do relatively, but not very well at Brawl Ball. He can defend the goals well and destroy the walls near the goal easily. He can also destroy the enemies if they clump up, but otherwise, he cant really do much.

To use Bo well in Brawl Ball, you simply need to support the ball bearer if they are on your team, whether that means providing cover fire or tanking a shot from a piper. Ensure that you do not get too “into the action”. If Bo gets involved too much, then he can simply be a liability to the team


Aaaaannnnd that’s the end to the guides on Bo! Please comment if you have a preference, if not then I’ll do whatever suits me. As always, brawl on! Keep reading for more blogs like these!






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