The Current State of Showdown: Teamers and Throwers a Recipe for Disaster 

Hello everybody! This is Muerte coming to you with my first post!

Today we’re gonna go over the Current state of Showdown.

1. The Thrower Meta

Now I know anyone who’s played showdown knows about the Throwing Meta

Brawlers like Dynamyke and Barley currently rule over the showdown game mode, and maybe Spike (maybe).

Due to their unique ability to throw over walls and hit players safely from a distance, there supers are quite versatile and good at finishing off other brawlers with ease.

This combined with the power-ups increasing their damage by 10% each box can help them ramp up to insane amounts of damage.

They also are quite strong when they team with other players, and that’s another problem in its self so let’s address that as well.

2. Teaming

Now teaming is nothing new, it’s been in the game since the early days of beta when top players did so with bandmates to raise in trophy’s now it’s in every showdown match done by everyday players like you and me.
This is a problem in the current meta with the rise of throwers, teaming has also increased due to a team of throwers being able to blow away the competition, quite literally!

It would be fine if it was just 2 people but teams have risen from 2-3 people to 5-10 nowadays

Turing the match into a 5vs1 situation usually.

As you can see the rise of teaming has spiraled out of control into a major problem and the community’s been addressing its concerns quite frequently!

3. The community’s stance on Teaming 

All over Reddit, it can be shown that teaming is a Very controversial topic with some loving it and others saying it ruins the game. (Usually the latter)

In response, the Devs have stated they think it makes the game more fun and it’s creative saying it’s not “illegal” and encouraging it. (Probably the worst thing to do in my honest opinion).

I agree it’s creative and it changed the game mode drastically from the first few months of beta, but now showdown can either be fun or extremely aggravating. With some players not doing showdown all together just to avoid the loss of trophies due to teamers. Those who try to play the game mode either team as well or play solo then lose to teamers usually ending with a rant on the subreddit or band chat. 

4. What’s Next?

Not much is know about the new update and what it’ll bring to the table for showdown, most likely we’ll see balance changes to Barley and Myke, and possibly some different maps that don’t favor the throwers like Feast or Famine in order to help balance out the game mode and make it enjoyable to play and have fun in.

5. What would I change?

  1. Making changes to Barley Barley and Myke (how would I do it?) By doing a pretty good idea recommended by a Redditor.  Give Barley a dead zone. An area around him where he can’t throw. Dynamike wouldn’t need this due to the delay but Barley would due to his super and normal attacks instant deploy time to make it super hard to get close to him.
  2. More Maps: I’d make more maps within less favor of throwers (as recommended above). Like Feast or Famine, or the old Stormy Plains (before the grass nerf).

6. My personal view of Showdown 10/17: Showdown overall is a very fun game mode but it’s got a lot of problems that need addressing ASAP. If your gonna play this game mode prepare to lose to teamers a lot or plan to team.  Because as of now teams and throwers dominate this game mode, and probably will for awhile till a proper fix is made for them.

Thanks for reading, see y’all in the next post!


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