Smash and Grab- Crystal Cavern Full Guide

Hey Brawlers, its Master Phil with my first post, and today we’ll be exploring one of the Smash and Grab maps in Brawl Stars, Crystal Cavern. We’ll go over all the tips for the brawlers to use, optimum positions and other tips and tricks. Right now for you, Crystal Cavern may be a map that is optimum for tilting. Let’s change that.

Crystal Cavern has a relatively simple layout, with four squares in the middle, two strips of bushes on the side and a few bits and pieces. Every moment in a SnG game counts, so let’s see how to approach this map.

The map has a one central entry point and two side entry points, indicated by the blue arrows. At the start, everyone will run to mid and generally, most players will go through the central entry point. This area will have heavy firepower, especially from ranged brawlers. This entry is optimal for ranged characters (Colt, Brock, Piper) as they can get a straight shot at enemies without any obstruction. It’s not recommended to enter through the middle as a medium/short-range brawler as you’ll probably get blown to bits before being able to approach the enemy!

The two side entry points are great for medium/short-range brawlers as you get a safe entry from behind the two square blocks and enter the bushes. After you enter the bushes, you can sneak up close and flank the unsuspecting enemy from behind!

Crystal Cavern

Blue Arrows: Entry points

Red Area: heavy cross-fire zone

Yellow Area: Map control zone

The red area indicates the heavy crossfire zone. Everyone will be focusing on this area at all times, so it’s good to keep in mind that at the beginning, this will be a full-blown ranged combat area (Colt, Brock, Piper). As the game progresses, things will get messier and this is the opportunity for ranged brawlers to enter and gain control. 

The yellow marked areas are the strips of bushes. These areas are critical to seize map control. This is the zone where Barleys, Dynamikes and Jessiesyou shine. Barleys and Dynamikes can hold off choke-points (middle and side entry) to prevent both ranged and melee units from approaching. This can be achieved by constantly moving around the bushes while using the middle square walls as cover. Jessie can chip away at bunched up brawlers and this is also a great location for placing her turrets. When the map control zone is used correctly, you can completely hinder enemies from approaching you! BUT before you enter, make sure the zone is clear of El Primos and Bulls!

When your team utilizes all these tips correctly, you’re sure to SUCCEED! Hope you guys learned something and enjoyed this full-map guide to Crystal Cavern. 

Thanks for spending a few minutes of your time with us, and continue brawlin’!


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