Hey guys, it’s Galaxy again! Today I’m starting my project where I will be going all the brawlers (well, maybe not the epics and above. Sadly I haven’t got any of them yet…. I’ll still write about those brawlers and ) and describing what they do and how they can be used well.

The classes I decided to give Bo are:img_3378

  • Semi-tank
  • Area Control

My justification for these seems pretty simple and obvious. Bo has 800 health, the ideal health for a semi-tank as when it is fully upgraded it will be within the tank class’ health pool. The health enables Bo to survive many 1 on 1 situations (from experience. If you can’t survive well with Bo, then you’ll have to wait for my explanation on how to use him well) and its attack is relatively efficient, enabling him to easily defeat a large group of enemies at once.

Bo’s main area of expertise, however, is his ability to easily control “choke points”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, it basically means a part of the map which the enemies will constantly have to pass through. This is evident in his regular and super attacks, with his regular attack being able to fire a spread of explosive arrows into a small gateway and his super allowing him to place a trio of mines in a choke point, possibly killing more than one enemy at once.

Some of the close commenders are:

  • Utility as the spread and accuracy of the mines vary depending on which direction you are moving as you shoot. His mines are also one-of-a-kind and is easily one of the best supers in the game.
  • Mid-Range as Bo’s attacks primarily support him when he is a safe but not an excessive distance from the target. His super also does not require him being extra close or far from the target.

Bo’s primary attack goes by the name of “Eagle-Eyed”, which shoots 3 arrows over a range of 8 tiles, with a spread of 2 tiles. Each arrow explodes and deals 100 area damage. The reason this attack is so helpful and useful in team battles is that, as I stated earlier, the spread and accuracy of the arrows varies depending on the direction you are moving when you shoot. If you move forward and shoot to the left, the attacks have more of a spread, making them better at dealing with a group of people, but if you shoot when you moving to the right, the attacks are more accurate, making them more efficient in 1 on 1 situations.
Bo’s super attack is called “Catch-A-Fox”, and it places 3 mines in a small area somewhere within bo’s range. Each mine does 300 damage to all enemies within the radius after a fuse of about 3 seconds. This attack excels at controlling choke points (except against Crow and Mortis…) and destroying walls over a large radius.

General Performance
Bo excels at Smash and Grab, Bounty and Brawl Ball, as well as defending in Heist, as these game modes have a defensive factor, which Bo excels at.

Smash and Grab: 5/5
Bounty: 5/5
Showdown: 2.5/5
Heist: 3.5/5
Brawl Ball: 4/5

Average Rating: 4/5
Our Rating: 4.5/5


And that concludes my introduction to Bo. Hope you enjoyed this post, I will continue on Bo in my next post. As always, Brawl On!


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