The Pain of Brawl Boxes – and What Supercell can do to Fix It

Hey guys, it’ Yoyosef here with the fifth brawl star blog of mine. I’m going to talk to you guys about something that I’m sure 99% of you will agree with. The pain of the brawl boxes! 100 coins..for 1 elixir!!! 100 coins.. for another Nita!!! It’s the worst, and Supercell really needs to make it better for us players that want anything higher than an epic. Even spending $20 on the game might not do anything, because you are still opening the same brawl boxes, just in greater quantities, although it does increase the chances of getting a new brawler. Let’s get into the article to see what Supercell can do to fix it.

1. Remove 1 elixir

Yes! I’m sure you all will agree with me. 1 elixir is literally nothing! Just keep 2 elixir rewards and 3 elixir; only reward elixir in medium-sized quantities instead of 1 freaking elixir. That’s like getting 1 coin from a free chest in Clash royale! Instead of 1 elixir, why don’t they do 1 gem? That could be useful! And keep those 2+ elixir options available.

Or, if they don’t want to just remove it, at least they can improve elixir rewards. Think about, the chances of getting a legendary elixir is under 1%, and all you get is 10! That’s not nearly enough to upgrade a brawler to the max.

2. Increase the chances of getting new brawlers

I personally almost never get any new brawlers from the brawl box. I spent 20 chips on buying Bo and I still haven’t gotten him from a box, about a month ago. All the brawlers I get from the brawl boxes are like Colt, El Primo, Bull, etc, and then we only get a couple of chips from those. What should happen is this, every time you get a brawler, it goes into a certain “set” of brawlers that you have, let’s call it set A. After you get those brawlers in set A, when you open a brawl box you should have a significantly less chance of re-obtaining those brawlers in Set A. Therefore, you will be enabled to get a variety of brawlers in regards to the same ones over and over again. Then, when all brawlers are in Set A, the cycle restarts.

3. Offer free gems in brawl boxes

Finally, I think they should give gems in the boxes or in some other way. What good is it going to do if people HAVE to spend money to get gems? Gems should be something that is possible to obtain in small quantities, but in order to have large amounts, you can spend some cash. Plus, gems aren’t exactly too useful! The only things you can do is get those coin boosts and then buy more brawl boxes with them, or buy some cool looking skins that are much too common these days. Just let people get some gems for free, even if it’s just 1 per day. After this, they can also make some more usage for gems, such as some cool ideas like trading gems for elixir in the shop or something. Anything like that would be really cool.

Those are my 3 ideas for how to fix the annoying brawl boxes in brawl stars. I’m sure many of you have your own ideas, so leave them down in the comments! Thank you all for reading, and keep checking up on Brawl Stars Daily for more awesome insight on the game! Peace and brawl on!


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