Top 3 Brawler Range Comparisons

Hey, guys! Welcome to the top 3 brawler range comparisons! Let’s take a look at the three brawlers that have the biggest ranges, Piper, Ricochet, and Brock. Here are three pictures that are side by side to show their exact ranges and how they compare to each other.

IMG_2198 IMG_2195 IMG_2194

There we go. As you can see, many people believe Piper and Brock have the same range or even Piper has a larger range, but if you look closely at the two, it is clear that Brock has a slightly bigger range compared to Piper. We can also see that Ricochet has the biggest range, although most people already know about that.

Well, I hope this post has been useful to you. Stay tuned for the next article, but until then, keep reading more posts and stay brawlin’!


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