How to Get Free Gems on Brawl Stars #2

Howdy brawlers! The second way to get free gems on Brawl Stars is here! Remember that if this method doesn’t suit you, more posts will be coming soon! Also, click here for the previous article in this series.

This method requires no computer at all but rather a portable device like a smartphone that can download apps. Apps like Runister and Fitstudio pay for you to walk or run! That’s right! You can get rewarded for just doing a daily walk or some jogging! This is a good way to earn that little extra cash you need to get those shimmering gems! Fitstudio pays $5 for every 15 miles walked, or 5,000 calories burned in a week. Runister has a lower reward rate at $0.05 per kilometer (0.621371 miles) with a minimum of $5.00 to cash out. Both these apps allow a direct payout to Paypal and are simple and effective. However, please don’t abuse these apps as they use GPS tracking to know your location, meaning that they can detect cheating on the system which may get you banned.

So, if you do fitness walking or some jogging daily or even just once a week, you can earn some extra cash that you can use for Brawl Stars. If you prefer sitting in front of a computer or using a smartphone instead, see if this previous article satisfies what you want, and if it doesn’t, no worries! More posts will be coming soon that will hopefully interest you! Thanks for reading and brawl on!runister


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