Season Rewards Improvement

Hey guys, as you all know, the current season ends shortly. Each season lasts for 2 weeks, giving us some-what frequent rewards. These rewards, however, can be improved. Currently, the majority of people gain around 250-400 coins per season. This is not a lot of coins for two weeks, as you can only open 2-4 boxes with it. I will go over a simple solution to improve the season reward system.BrawlerBox.png

To be perfectly honest, the season reward isn’t something to be excited about. The rewards are just not enough. An easy way to increase motivation and rewards is by increasing the number of coins you get. Some people may suggest giving some gems, but as of now, Supercell likes to keep gems an exclusive item, so that idea is out of the box for now. On the other hand, increasing the coin reward won’t hurt the economy. Instead of giving half the amount of coins for the highest brawler, I suggest giving the same amount of coins your current highest brawler has. Also, increasing the total trophy reward by 50 coins or so won’t hurt but increase player motivation.

Overall, those suggestions will give about a 300 coin boost per season, which is almost double the current reward. Improving the reward will help motivate more players and make seasons more competitive. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know! Thanks for reading!icon_coin


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