How to Check Who in Your Band is Inactive

Do you run a clan but are wondering who in your clan is inactive? If yes, then I’ve got a great solution for you. In this article, I will talk about a website site that provides Band and Player stats that are especially helpful to leaders!

The website I am talking about is, of course, Brawl Stats. This extremely helpful website has a ton of information and statistics including but not limited to player stats, band stats, current and future maps, and historical data. Brawl Stats is a great website that I definitely recommend and is very helpful when deciding who to kick in your clan if it is close to full or already full. When you search up your band, you get to see every single member in it and all stats about them. While this isn’t very special, what is very unique is the ability to see who is inactive. Anyone whose trophies haven’t changed for 5 days is marked in red, meaning inactiveness. This allows an easy way to manage your band, and neither Clash of Clans nor Clash Royale have a website that does this, so this is a first.

Well, that’s it for this short post! Now you know who in your clan is inactive so you can kick them out, and check out how all bandmates are doing with up-to-date statistics! Good luck and Brawl On!


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