Spike or Crow? Whose the better Brawler?

Ok everyone, today we will go over who is the better legendary brawler for each event. Crow and Spike both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Both brawlers have the same amount of health and can be really powerful in team games if you know how to use them correctly.


Both legendary brawlers dominate in this event. Spike has better control of the center with his super holding the enemies in place and can easily shoot them while they are slow. Crow, on the other hand, forces the opponent not to go straight in and attack; therefore, the opposing team is afraid to go in unless they want to take constant tick damage and not heal up. Because Crow’s super allows him to easily escape if he has a lot of stars, he has the upper hand over Spike in this event. However, the major factor that determines who is better is the map.

Smash and Grabicon_smashgrab

Crow has a great control of the center in this mode, but cannot take out a brawler who has a lot of crystals. Spike can even take out a Mortis that is hiding and running away. With Spike’s super that slows down, he can easily 2 shot a Mortis. The user with Spike must be skilled though. Crow is more easy to use because of his longer range and wider shot but if the Spike user is skilled, Spike is much better in this mode. However, because of Crow’s damage-over-time, it allows all brawlers to see where the brawler being damaged is.


Really none of these brawlers are good at this event. Crow does the damage over time, and Spike has the slow-down effect. I would have to give the upper hand to Spike because of his instant damage instead of the slow build-up of damage of Crow. Even though these are legendary brawlers, I wouldn’t recommend using any of them in Heist.

Brawl Ball

This is a hard one. Spike has his slow down super and instant damage which can couple on both offense and defense. Spike can use his super to slow down enemy brawlers who are trying to attack the scorer on your team.  Crow has the faster movement speed and can stop an enemy attacker from healing up. Since both brawlers are low in health, they don’t act as much of a tank, so in this event, I would have to give this a tie.


While both Crow and Spike are great in Showdown, Crow really stands out in certain maps. Due to Crow’s damage-over-time, it allows any brawler to know the location of any brawler, especially useful in Feast or Famine because of a large amount of grass in the center. Also, because Crow has faster movement speed, it can have a better chance at escaping danger. However, Spike does heavy damage in the center of its attack, and its super is extremely deadly. Since Spike and Crow have similar healths but Crow has a faster movement speed and its powerup can escape danger, Crow would have the upper hand in Showdown.


Well, that’s it! I hope this helps your decision on who to buy, even though it’ll take forever to save up enough chips if you’re free-to-play! Let us know who you think the better Legendary is, and good luck! Brawl on!

Spike_Basic-314x300                     img_3381



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