How to Deal With Insanely Terrible Random Teammates

Hey guys! Welcome back to another article by me, YoYoSef! . Something we all have done is play any brawl stars game mode (besides showdown) with random teammates, and then end up getting paired with a Colt that uses his super on that out of place cactus, a Mortis that never gets a ton of crystals and die, or a Barley that doesn’t know how to aim. These things happen and are usually inexorable when playing with randoms, leading players to get extremely frustrated. But I’m a fan of random matches even though the risk of garbage teammates is very high because they enable you to become much more skilled at the game. Let’s get started!

Carrying a team is something not even a lot of the best players of the game can do. You need to be experienced in 1 on 1 and taking every role you can get possible effectively and elegantly. I have learned a couple tricks on how to do so, and I will tell you how in each of the game modes:




When you have incompetent teammates, your goal is to grab the crystals and use your teammates as pawns. Think about it like this. You are a king and they are your soldiers. Let them fight and attack, and you stay close to them taking shots at whoever they attack. Let your enemies attack them and then try to kill them if you can. Now, if you have a lot of crystals that will be tough because they will target you, so continue to kind of hide behind your teammates in order for it to work. Another option is letting your teammates get every crystal and protecting them with your dead body! The enemy will surely focus on your teammates so you can feed kills on them while they focus on your teammates. And if they die, get the crystals and hide.




Don’t let your teammates get kills. I repeat don’t! Sometimes players will help their teammate out with a couple shots and then let them get the stars, and then 30 seconds later their teammate runs into a Bull and dies. Your goal is to lead your team. Take kills and use your teammates as pawns like in Smash and grab. If they do manage to get kills, try to stay near whichever one has more.




This one is very difficult because of how unbalanced this game mode is. On offense attacking, don’t stick with any of your teammates, move around slightly on your own and kill brawlers you can. If they don’t get any hits which usually happens, it’s extremely tough, but if you have a Barley you can win just by sitting in the corner and throwing, letting the opponents fight your teammates.




This is my favorite to carry. I find myself doing it a lot. This works just like most sports in real life, demand the ball, go through the defense and score. Before grabbing a ball, kill anyone around you. Using a Bull usually works well in random mode because of his tough damage at close range can work as an entire team. Do your best to take the game to overtime because once it goes in its a bit easier to work with. Now a tricky thing is, don’t play too much offense. Focus on defense because if you defend their offense they won’t get anything through you. Kill their brawlers individually, try to get the others distracted on your teammates except one. The 1v1 part will be pure skill. And then counter push when you have the ball and you killed one of the brawlers or two. Don’t be afraid to run into brawlers like Poco, Mike, Barley or any long range splash dealer because they won’t do quick damage to finish you off.

Overall, playing with random teammates is really tiresome and can be frustrating at times, but sometimes it’s all you can do when no one is online in your band or whatever. Instead of passing off the chance and waiting for your bandmates to come online, take the opportunity to get better, even though you might lose some trophies. The more you do it, the better you will be at the game.

That’s all I have to share with you guys. Continue to support our brawl stars page for more daily blogs and information on the game. Stay Brawlin’ and good luck!


5 Replies to “How to Deal With Insanely Terrible Random Teammates”

  1. SHUTUP this is basically segregation. Are you implying that one side of the population should be split from the rest? That is complete discrimination. Some players like me are complete beginners, and we just want to have good players to learn from


  2. I’m generally a good player and a bunch of shit players be flooding the game. I mean, shouldn’t bad players be playing with bad players and good players be playing with good players. Not only with, but also against. Sometimes I find trash team mates, but also trash opponents.


      1. What the CRAP John you´re a beginner as you deserve to be. Beginners in my eyes are absolute TRASH. Lol I can´t even fathom that I´m really talking to a beginner. #NeedToLeaveTheBeginnerBe
        Btw I play fortnite so you can assume I am 11 years old. Sometimes in my spare time when I am not shopping at toys r us, I will be on my xbox 360 playing minecraft. When the wifi goes out, I tend to build legos with my younger cousin (El primo).


  3. Randoms are so frustrating and will sink this game. Its so bad. Now good players can’t play with randoms because they risk losing trophies. So only bad players play with randoms. This makes it too frustrating for new players as you always lose. Especially because matchmaking will pair anyone from 100 to 400 trophies and pre made teams vs randoms. This is very poor game structure as it ensures that good players as a team are paired against bad random players. It’s a joke. I now can’t pick up the game and play casually just one or two matches.


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