Brawler Combinations for Different Events

Hey! In this post, I will be providing some brawler combinations for different event types. If you and your friends/bandmates are having difficulty finding a working trio (by that, I mean you win at least 3x the amount you lose), then you may find a combo in this article that can help. Let’s get started!


Most bounty maps are suitable for ranged brawlers. Therefore, the following combinations all have at least one ranged brawler.

  • Nita-Primo-Ricochet
  • Brock-Ricochet-Shelly/Bull
  • Colt-Spike-Primo
  • Dynamike-Barley-Mortis
  • Piper-Colt-Shelly
  • Piper-Brock-Pam/Poco

Those are some reliable combinations you can try for bounty maps.

Smash n Grab

Smash and Grab is always about controlling the center. The following brawler combinations should give you good control of the middle.

  • Mortis-Barley-Jessie
  • Pam-Mortis-Nita
  • Piper-Nita-Primo
  • Jessie-Poco-Nita
  • Barley-Bull-Crow
  • Poco-Bo-Mortis

Try those trios out and see if your team is meant to be played by those three brawlers.


Currently, Heist is unbalanced, especially in G.G. Coral. Most of these combinations, however, will be suitable for defense and offense if played with skill.

  • Barley-Dynamike-Colt
  • Bull-Barley-Colt
  • Dynamike-Crow-Bull
  • Barley-Ricochet-Dynamike
  • Brock-Barley-Bull

These may or may not work for your team, as Heist is terribly unbalanced at the moment, but try them out and see if they do work for you.

Brawl Ball

Finally, we have the newest game-mode: Brawl Ball. You want at least one brawler that can break walls, so here are some great combinations to try out with at least one wall-breaking brawler.

  • Mortis-Barley-Primo
  • Dynamike-Barley-Bull
  • Primo-Barley-Brock
  • Colt-Piper-Primo
  • Mortis-Colt-Bull
  • Spike-Tara-Primo

Brawl Ball could be given some improvements, but try those combos. out and see if they work for you and your team!


You have made it to the end of this article! Showdown won’t be mentioned, as currently Barley and Dynamike dominate Showdown maps (excluding F & F). I hope you tried these combinations out and found at least one of them useful! If you would like to join our band, then search up Salty Legends and you’re in (1000+)! Follow us for more articles, and leave a comment if you have any other suggestions or combinations!piper



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