Must-Have Balance Changes

Hey guys, welcome back to another Brawl Stars Daily blog! In today’s post, I will be discussing potential, and highly beneficial, balance changes that need to be added into the game. Showdown and Heist are the two main maps I will be hitting on, so that should give you some insight to which brawlers I feel need to be buffed or nerfed.

Balance Changes (not confirmed)

Jessie- 5% damage boost (including turret damage)  :   5% turret speed reduction

Currently, Jessie is not seen as a threatening brawler due to her low damage and reload speed. ALthough her projectiles can bounce to up to three objects/brawlers, her damage is relatively low, and usually cannot get a kill. Increasing her damage should help cope with this problem, but since it will also increase the turret’s damage, there will be a slight speed reduction to the turret.

Poco- 5% damage boost

Poco is another brawler that cannot usually get many kills. From my observations, Poco is not a frequently used brawler in many trophy ranges and could use a small buff. A slight damage increase should give him a bit more power on the field.

Mortis- 5% movement speed increase  :  5% damage reduction

After the latest balance changes, Mortis became less used due to his movement speed reduction. A 5% speed increase should help it be used more often in the field. To balance this out, a 5% damage reduction will be made to prevent Mortis from being over-powered.

Crow- 2 fewer DOT ticks

Crow is overall powerful, especially in Showdown. His quick movement speed and DOT allows him to easily chip off damage and dodge other brawlers.

Barley- 10% projectile speed reduction:  5% health reduction

Pretty self-explanatory. Barley is seen in almost every battle, whether it’s Showdown or Bounty or the other maps. Barley is very powerful and a slight nerf should make him a little less seen.

Dynamike- 5% health reduction  :  10% decreased reload speed

Dynamike, along with Barley, is also seen a lot, especially in Showdown. A slower reload speed also means it will take longer to charge up the super, as its super charges up very fast. Also, a slight decrease in its health will make a difference that could be partly game changing.


That is my opinion on what should be balanced as of now. Stay Brawlin’!




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