How to push! How I reached 3000 trophies!

Keviltron here with another post this time discussing how I reached 3000 trophies and in general how I push. Hopefully, this guide will result in more long trophy pushing sessions and less trophy tilting (losing) sessions! Now onto the post!

If you got lots of money (and gems)-

If you have lots of money and thus can buy gems, pushing to 3000 will be no problem. In this post, I will talk about how to spend those gems most effectively for gaining trophies (not other stuff like skins, etc.). If you want to learn more about how to spend gems check out this article here-

Anyways, in my opinion, the best value to get more elixir to upgrade your Brawlers or chips to buy Brawlers is through the coin boosts. The best value if you play often is the +50 coins for a week for 20 gems. This way you will be getting more gold to open as many boxes as possible. Later in this post, I will be discussing how to spend that elixir and those chips.

Free to Play-

If you are a free to play player it will take much longer to reach 3000 Simply because your Brawlers will be too unupgraded to get to high trophy heights. That means you need to spend your elixir and chips very carefully. The following guide to spending elixir and chips is for free to play but also is how gemmers should spend their resources too.

How I would spend my chips and elixir-


There are many ways you can spend elixir in this game. The following tip is if you want to reach 3000 trophies the fasted. If you want to reach top 200 for a single Brawler obviously it’s common sense to stack all you can on that one Brawler. This is definitely true for that goal but for reaching 3000 trophies you need to spread it out.

How I spent elixir to reach 3000 (in order)-

1. Get all Brawlers to 3 elixir.

2. Get most Brawlers to 6 elixir.

3. Stack elixir on your favorite and best brawlers.

If you want to reach 3000, you can’t do it all alone with just a few Brawlers. You have to have all your Brawlers at reasonable trophy levels. That means you have to put some elixir on each Brawler. I got everyone to 3, then most to 6, and just recently I have started stacking on a few on mine. In my opinion for a brawler to reach lvls 11/12/13 (The golds), you can’t have an I upgraded Brawler. Of course, there are exceptions, skill can overcome gemmers, but it will be much easier spreading out your elixir.


1. Never spend chips on a common or rare Brawler because you can unlock them from boxes.

2. To reach 3000 you need all common, rare, and super rare Brawlers and if you have an epic or better that should help even more.

3. Only spend chips on epic or mythic Brawlers.

When to push-

The best time to push is when you have a long time to play with no interruptions.

Who to push with-

When pushing trophies NEVER play with randoms. They are too unpredictable and you will at best break even. Always play in a room with bandmates or others and ideally pick to play with ppl you know are good players. As they all say you are only as strong as your team!

When to stop-

Always stop and take a break when you lose 3 or more brawls in a row. This is called a tilt. Often it just makes players mad and lowers the level of their play causing them to lose more and more. Tilts are the #1 reason people lose large chunks of trophies and are actually easily preventable.

Which Brawlers to push with-

Ideally, you play with bandmates so you can form the perfect team. As always use Brawlers good for maps. You can check out my previous post on which Brawlers are best for each event here-.

Ok, that’s it for today’s post! Good luck everyone, and Brawl ON!


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