A Teamer’s Guide to Showdown.

Hey guys, it’s Yoyosef with my third brawl stars blog post! I’m going to talk with you guys about teaming in Showdown. Now, teaming isn’t something we talk about a lot, as it’s usually something discouraged on because of how it brings unfair advantages to the field. But, since we’re here to give an unbiased point of view, I’m going to share with you guys how teaming works and how to become a teamer or even kill your teammate.

The Basics of Teaming in Showdown

Now, the basics of teaming. All you need to do, as you know, is spin around in front of your partner. Basically it, right? Simple enough. And then you both can stick together and team up. In my opinion, 2 or 3 teammates is the perfect amount. 4 is just too much. But there’s a lot of different nuances and scenarios that can come into play, such as the poison and time left in the game. Let’s explain these.

When Is The Perfect Time To Team?teaming

Teaming is something that, with every second going by in a match, the less likely you have a chance of doing. Think about a really hard test right before you take it. With every minute going by without you studying, the less likely you are to ace that test. Teaming goes along with that. The best time to team is RIGHT away when you find someone that can’t easily backstab you. This is mostly because of how teamers usually find one or two partners, and then they lock their teams so that they don’t get gigantic teams full of 10 people. That happens occasionally, but when you get to the 200+ trophy range it’s less common since people are more deceptive.

How Should I Know if I Should Attack My Partner or Team With Him?

Now, this only applies to the start of the match-or at most, 1 minute. Anything else and it could be dangerous unless you have enough powerups. If it’s the start of your match and you have an opponent that seams reasonable, go ahead and spin-that’s the best way to go. If it’s 1 minute in and your opponent is there, it could be risky considering how many powerups he has and if he has a teammate or not.

When Should I Kill My Partner?

This is very controversial. I think that killing your teammate is a fine thing to do because there is no guarantee that you have to abide with your teammate at all times. However, sometimes it is pretty stupid. Now let me bring in a situation. There are 4 people left in the showdown including you. You and your teammate vs 2 teamers. Your partner is at 30 health and runs right next to you. Do you kill him to get 3rd place, or let him live? The answer is to let him live (unless you are about to die too). This is because you need your teammate to help you against the other team. If you know your game has some teams in it, DO NOT kill your teammate early or you will be at a disadvantage. Now, likewise, if there are no teamers in the server, and you feel comfortable doing it, go ahead and kill your teammate with kindness.

How Do I Know if I Can Trust My Partner(s)?

The answer is, you can’t. I see too many times people running to their partner with low health but then getting one shotted by them. Never give your partner that much trust, as it will put you at a bigger risk than just not teaming. When you’re low on health, keep some distance from your partner especially if they’re a heavy-close-range-hitter. Also good to be behind a wall if available.

Now, that’s all I have to share with you guys folks. Teaming is something very controversial, but if you enjoy it and it works for you, go ahead. People assume that teaming is luck-based but there is a lot of skill involved. If you are able to successfully team in your showdowns and constantly get top 2 or top 3, you are a really good player. Follow Brawl Stars Daily for more posts! Good luck in your endeavors guys!



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