The Unbalanced Problem With Heist

Hey brawlers! Today, I will be discussing the current state of one of Brawl Stars’ most questionable game modes, Heist! Some people love it, others (including myself) absolutely HATE it! In my opinion, there are just so many problems wrong with the game mode at the moment. In this post, I’ll go through the numerous problems with Heist at the moment.

Part 1: Background Information:

Event Description– In the Heist Event, there are two teams each of which consists of 3 players. On one team’s side of the arena, there is a safe with high health. The objective is to either protect the safe or destroy it, depending on which team the player is randomly assigned to. If the safe is not destroyed after 3 minutes, the defending team wins.

Part 2: Current Problems with Heist

1. Unbalanced Attacking/Defending

Heist currently is the most unbalanced game mode in the game. Often times what team the game decides to put you on at the beginning of the game (Shoot Open the Safe/Defend the Safe) determines whether you will win. Therefore, it is possible to be attacking or defending for multiple rounds in a row, and gaining or losing trophies accordingly. The win/lose depends on the map and whether it supports the attacker or the defender. Some maps, the attacking team wins very quickly while others, they don’t even touch the safe.

2. Unusable Brawlers 

Ideally, every Brawler should be usable in every event in the game. Sadly this isn’t the case. Brawlers like Poco, Piper, Pam, and many others simply don’t work as well as others in Heist. While it is reasonable that there should be strong and weak brawlers for different game modes, Supercell should consider making every brawler usable in at least one map of every game mode.

3. Useless Balance Changes

As you may have noticed Supercell has been trying to fix this. However reducing the safe by 300 hitpoints won’t cut it. It simply isn’t enough to even the playing field.


That’s it for this post, and leave any comments you may have down in the comments section! Continue brawling!


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