How to Record Your IOS 11+ iPHONE Screen for Free


Many of you guys are probably wondering, how do YouTubers record their device’s screen, and how can you record things like Brawl Stars? Whether you are recording for YouTube, so show off, or anything else, the very basic is a screen recorder, but it isn’t that easy.

Currently, there are only two ways to record your screen if you don’t want to buy external software, which is to download an app that records your screen or mirror it to the computer and record it from there. However, there are many problems with this, for example, Airshou is the most well-known IOS screen recorder, but is very unreliable. Apple often revokes their certificate, so you must redownload every time, losing any data saved on the app, including videos. Also, Airshou often messes up the recording whenever your internet stops all of a sudden. With a computer, there is screen recording software and screen mirroring software, like Lonely Screen. However, wifi connectivity can be an issue, and to get great quality, you usually have to purchase the software.

Now, if you have an IOS device that can support IOS 11(available to the public on September 19th ), this is no longer a problem! IOS 11 has a built-in screen recorder, meaning it is free and will continue to record whether you have great wifi or not. For a tutorial, just watch the short video at the top, or go here!


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