How To Get to 1000 Trophies Quickly

Hey guys, welcome back to another Brawl Stars Daily guide! In today’s guide, I will be discussing the fastest and easiest way to reach 1000 trophies. If you already have over 1000 trophies, then you can use these as extra tips! Let’s get right into it!

Learn the Basics

Firstly, you need to make sure you have learned the basics of the game. If you don’t know how to play the game, go through the in-game tutorial or watch YouTube videos for extra help. Now that you know the game and have a few brawlers, let’s discuss the easiest way to gain trophies.

Trophy Winning Count

The lower your brawler you are using is, the easier the matchup and the more trophies you get for winning. That being said, the fastest way for trophies is by leveling up all your brawlers together instead of pushing just one. Also, you lose a lot less when you use a low brawler than when you do with a higher brawler.

Play With Friends and Band-mates

No doubt an easy way to gain trophies is by playing with your friends or band-mates instead of random players. That way, communication and skill are significantly increased, allowing faster and easier wins. As a bonus, your low brawler will make overall opponents easier, and if your friend also has a low brawler, then you should have a pretty green win streak.

1000 Trophies in No Time

As I mentioned above, you should focus on all of your brawlers instead of one. The gemmeasiest way to gain 1000 trophies is by leveling up all your brawlers to about 100 trophies each. Once you pass 100, opponents will become slightly tougher, and victories will be less rewarding. Therefore, if you level up your brawlers to about 100 trophies each, it should gain you hundreds of trophies in a day. Showdown provides the most trophies if you get in the top few so Showdown will give you a boost on your trophies. That being said, you can lose more trophies too if you aren’t careful. Read our Showdown guide here. If you have 10 brawlers unlocked, and each of them is at 100, then that’s already 1000 total trophies! If you have less than 10 brawlers, just play more and unlock more, or push above 100 by a few dozen or so.

Do NOT Over-Grind

One thing you must absolutely avoid is over-grinding. What I mean by this is playing too long or stressing out and losing almost every round. From personal experience, Showdown is the easiest game-mode this can occur on. If you over-grind, you will most likely lose more trophies than you gain. Once you start losing around 5 games, take a break and play later. Playing on usually doesn’t yield positive results.


That’s it for this trophy-gaining guide! I hope you have learned something from this, and if you did and want to read more, follow us! There’s nothing better than to brag to your friends about getting 1000 trophies in no time. If you are on Android, then read guides to become a pro at the game even before the game goes global (if it even goes global). Thanks for reading!icon_trophy


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