Strategic Bounty Team Composition

Hey, brawlers! Welcome back to Brawl Stars Daily. It’s Milestgg here and today, we are going to go over the best Bounty team composition after the 9/13/17 balance changes. This team works the best in Snake Prairie and Outlaw Camp, but it’s pretty decent in other Bounty maps as well. Take in mind that this trio uses Spike, but if no one in your band has Spike, Jessie would be a decent replacement.


TEAM COMP: El Primo, Piper, Spike

So this trio relies on surprising the enemy from the bushes and sniping from the bushes and one control brawler. Primo is great for finishing off low health enemies and tanking for the lower health Spike and Piper. Although this trio is weak to Bo’s bombs, he was recently nerfed and we don’t see him that often in Bounty anymore. El Primo’s job is to protect and finish off weakened opponents and damaged clumps of brawlers. Piper’s job is to do the main damage by sniping the opponents while hiding and always moving to avoid contact. Spike’s job is to control the center of the map by using his super and block off choke points.

El Primo

Primo’s main use in this team is to finish off opponents from the grass. Piper would be the main damage dealer and Primo would finish them off. Most players who use El Primo chase around the Dynamike and Nita, which would ultimately lead to his death, and now with the starting off with 2 stars, it is much more important NOT to die. Because Primo has the most health out of all the brawlers, his job is to protect the squishier Piper and Spike/Jessie and do critical sneak attacks.



Piper is the (Brawl)star of this deck. She is the best sniper in the game and was practically made to counter every brawler in the game. Piper shines in long range battles and maps filled up with bushes. She is the main damage dealer in this trio. She can 2 shot many of the brawlers in the game but she usually cannot get 2 hits consecutively so that is why we have Primo to finish off the weakened brawlers. Because Piper will have a very large bounty, she must always keep moving, stay safe distances away from enemy brawlers, and hide in the bushes so she doesn’t get hit.



Spike and Jessie serve the same role in this trio. These control brawlers need to control the center and try to weaken the opposing brawlers. Once you get their super up, it almost always charges up the next super. If you are playing Spike, you need to use the super to slow down the other brawlers and hold them in place so that Primo can jump in and kill them all. If you don’t have Spike or just like Jessie more, you need to place the turret in a bush behind a wall so it is harder for opponents to destroy it. So, make sure to sacrifice yourself if you don’t have many stars to protect the Primo and Piper with many stars. (If you don’t have any, Nita is the next best option as her bear is decent for controlling the center).



That’s it for this article! I hope this team composition for Bounty helps you progress and gain trophies on Brawl Stars, and continue brawling!

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