1 Month Of Brawl Stars Daily

Hey, guys! Welcome to our one-month special! Today is the official one-month “anniversary” of Brawl Stars Daily! One month ago, we started this website and just launched it, it didn’t have an official domain name, only 1 blog, and lacked many pages. Now, we have so many new features and visitors in just one month! This is HUGE for us, for this shows our progress with the website! 11 months later, it will be the official 1-year anniversary of Brawl Stars Daily!

Thank you guys sooo much for supporting us and reading our blogs! We have gained over 1.3 k views in the past month, along with many followers! We will continue to post DAILY Brawl Stars blogs in the future, and hope you can join us too!

Here are some stats since Brawl Stars Dialy was created:

  • 1393 Total Page Views
  • 632 Visitors
  • 6 Authors
  • And finally, 32 blog posts (including this post)

As you can see, we have progressed a lot since the beginning, and hope to continue growing! Please follow our blog, support us on social media, donate to us, or become part of the team! Apply to be a writer here. Also, leave any ideas you have in the comments! Thanks for reading this special blog, and Stay brawlin’!cropped-bsd-logo3.png


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