09/12/2017 Balance Changes

Hey, Guys! It’s milestgg here, and today, we are going to be going over the balance changes that were live on 09/12/17. For each change, I will be giving a little thought of my own and how I generally feel about it.

Balance Changes

Tara – Overall was she was a bit too strong with piercing attacks and spread

  • Decreased health from 800 to 700
  • Increased Reload time from 1.8s to 2.0s
  • Decreased range by 0.67 tiles


Tara was way too powerful, so this heavy nerf makes a lot of sense. At close range, Tara almost does as much damage as Shelly and has a good range with piercing strong attacks, making her viable for both close quarters and ranged attacks. While Tara is a mythic brawler, this nerf makes her a lot more balanced.

 Image result for tara brawl stars

Pam – Her Healing Station didn’t have enough punch, and the small radius caused everyone to clump creating easy targets for enemies

  • Super Heal Radius increased, and now heals 80 HP per second
  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.8s to 1.6s
  • Less spread in main Attack
  • Super charges in 20 hits (from 21)


For all those who bought Pam for chips, don’t be upset just yet, as Supercell will most likely buff her some more, as she still isn’t as good as it should be as an epic brawler. Currently, Pam only does decent in Smash and Grab as a support brawler, and fails in all other game modes. Overall, Pam just still isn’t a reliable brawler to use.

 Image result for pam brawl stars

Bo – He was a bit too strong with 4 mines, and the pushback often made them unavoidable.

  • Decreased Mines from 4 to 3
  • Increased main Attack damage from 80 to 100
  • Decreased health from 900 to 800
  • Mine Pushback removed


Bo definitely needed a nerf as it was seen in almost every round after the previous balance changes. This change has evened Bo out as its mines were too powerful but its main attacks were fairly weak. This makes Bo a decent brawler that does not have to only rely on its Super.

 Image result for bo brawl stars

Colt – He had a lower use-rate in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700
  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.5s to 1.25s

Colt was highly used but has become less common as time has moved on. While Colt is not OP or too weak, it is not a good substitute for a sniper like Brock or Piper. To use Colt, you must have excellent accuracy and a good sense of where the opponents are as it only has 700 health even after its buff.

 Image result for colt brawl stars

Richochet – He had a lower use-rate in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700
  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.25s to 1.0s

Richochet, like Colt, had a little too less health, even though he has the biggest range in the game. Due to the faster reload speed, Richochet now has one of the fastest reload speeds in the game as well. This buff will definitely benefit Richochet and more people will use him as a reliable brawler.

Image result for ricochet brawl stars

Dynamike – Lower use rate compared to Barley in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700


This is probably the worst change in this set of balance changes because Dynamike is already very powerful. While Barely is used more often, Dynamike charges his super up extremely fast and excels in Showdown. There will most definitely be a nerf on Dynamike soon.

 Image result for dynamike brawl stars

Brock – He had a lower use-rate in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700
  • Main attack Rockets now fly 17% faster


Brock is a sniper but wasn’t as useful as a sniper should be. At far distances, it was very easy to dodge Brocks rockets, rendering him useless. While 100 more health does not make a huge difference in close0combat, it will help out a little to survive an extra hit or two. Also, a faster rocket flying speed will definitely help Brock be the sniper he should be.

 Image result for brock brawl stars

Crow – Too strong, and his Super made an easy escape

  • Super charges slightly slower
  • Decreased main Attack range by 0.67 tiles


While it is true that Crow is a legendary and that legendaries should be good, Crow was just too OP in every game mode. It can easily fly away from danger to safety and can poison another brawler for a long time, making them unable to heal for a substantial amount of time and revealing their location in the grass.

 Image result for crow brawl stars

Poco – Low use rate across the board

  • Main Attack damage increased from 140 to 160
  • Super healing increased from 400 to 460


Poco was a decent support unit, but it wasn’t enough. Its attack did far too less damage, and the time it takes to get the super is far too long for a small reward. The little damage and heal increase will make Poco a better support brawler and more used in the playing field.

 Image result for poco brawl stars

Mortis – Clearly the most used Brawler in high-Trophy games, his movement speed combined with attack makes him too mobile

  • Movement speed decreased from 750 to 650 (equal to all Brawlers except Crow)
  • Super range decreased from 13.34 tiles to 10 tiles


Mortis was way too powerful for a mythic brawler, and he needed a nerf badly, as he was seen very commonly, often along with Bo. His ability to escape dangers by just dashing away and dealing damage at the same time was far too powerful, and it moved faster than regular brawlers, meaning it can chase or run away from another brawler without difficulty. Also, it’s super had an extremely long range, and this Mortis nerf will definitely make him a more balanced brawler and not seen in almost every round.

Image result for mortis brawl stars

Well, that’s it for this set of balance changes! I’m sure you will agree with me for most if not all of the changes, but don’t fret when you think otherwise! Thanks for reading another blog by us and continue brawling!

To see all game updates and balance changes, go here.


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