The Truth With Being Idle

Hey, so as you probably know, Supercell added a new AFK detection system in Brawl Stars in the previous update. This means that after being idle for about 20 seconds, a message pops up warning you have been idle, and if you don’t start moving, a bot takes over and the game reloads when you get back on. However, while this is a rather noticeable change, there is a small secret that was never announced to everyone, a bot taking over is not the only thing that happens when you become idle.

When you go idle, you just lost all your trophies gained and coins gained from that match. You will NOT earn coins or trophies if you go idle within that round. That being said, you will still lose trophies for a loss (not proven). This is particularly harmful in Smash and Grab, where you hide in bushes when you have 10 crystals. I personally had this happen with 2 seconds left, and received no reward for our team win.

All in all, be careful about the idle detector. While it does offer teams with AFKs a better chance of winning, it can also harm you in some way. That’s it for today’s post, I hope you take this a warning! Thanks for reading! img_3390


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