Get The Most Out Of Your Gems

Hey guys, welcome back to another Brawl Stars blog! In today’s post, I will be discussing how to spend your gems most efficiently and gain the most out of it. Should you buy skins? Boosters? Boxes? Find out in this article!

Note: For the purpose of this article, I will be using a consistent 80 gems you get from buying the cheapest gem pack or the Shelly special offer.

Skins skins

Skins are a premium feature in Brawl Stars right now (I believe they won’t be sooner or later), so the only way to get them is by gems. Some skins are cheaper than others, so when you are deciding whether to spend your 80 gems for a skin, make sure 80 is enough and you at least have that brawler. If you want, say, a skin for Nita, just make sure you think it’s worth it and that’s all you have to read for the article. If you want new brawlers, however, then read on.

Boxes gemm

Buying brawl boxes with gems cost 10 gems a piece or 80 gems for a Big Box (came in the new update, 20% discount), which is not a good buy. For $2 USD ($2.79 CAN), you are basically buying 8 boxes or 10. In this case, buying the Big Box is a better gain, but do be aware that many have said Big Boxes have a smaller chance of getting something good. If you are too lazy or just don’t have the patience to wait, then buying boxes is the best bet for you. If you are patient and active though, then read on to find the better way of spending your 80 gems.


Ah, boosters. In case you didn’t know, the two boosters available to purchase are 20 gems for 1 week of 50% coins bonus or 1000 coin doubler. As of the recent update, you can actually


get these boosters from brawl boxes, at a reduced reward, obviously (I believe 200 coin doubler and 3-day coin boost). You know that 100 coins gets you one elixir, *cough*, brawl box, so that brings us the big question: Which boosters should you get?

Note: To be consistent, I will use 100 coins/day as a set amount.

The 80 gems you get is enough for one coin doubler and one 50%  coin booster or 4 50% coin boosters. A number of coins you get for each booster individually are listed below:

  • 1000 Coin Doubler – 1000 bonus coins
  • 50% Coin Booster – 350 bonus coins

A number of coins you get for purchasing both boosters at once (assuming you earn all 1000 in a week) is listed below:

  • 1000 CD + 50% CB: 1000+1000(the 1000 coin doubler)+1000(50% of 2000)=3000 total coins

Purchasing this option gives you around 30 brawl boxes for 70 gems in one week (or less). If you dislike the coin doubler, read on!

Purchasing 4 weeks worth of 50% coin boost (100 coins-before bonus/day) grants bonus coins in a longer stretch of time. The number of coins you get total is below:

  • 4x 50% CB: 2800+1400=4200 total coins

Purchasing this option gives you more coins for your gems, but be aware that this is assuming you will earn 100 coins a day for 4 weeks. The more you earn within that time period, the more bonus coins you will get! You can open around 42 brawl boxes with this option.

So, What Should You Get?

This purely depends on you. If you want a skin, then that’s the end of the discussion. If you want coins for boxes, however, then it depends on how active you are. If you play every day and get the max coins from the maps, then the second option of buying 4x 50% coins boost is the better buy. If you aren’t too fond of being so active or waiting that long, then the first option will be a better buy. Whatever you do, do NOT purchase boxes with gems unless you need the boxes opened instantly.

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you got valuable information from it and you spend your gems wisely! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Brawl Stars Daily blogs!Wow Emoji







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