NEW Band Advertisement Page- 1k Views Special

We are happy to announce that Brawl Stars Daily has reached past 1,000 total views in under a month, and are excited to announce a new feature to celebrate this landmark, Band Advertisements.

So you might be wondering, what is Band Advertisements? Well, it’s simple, all it is is brawlers from various bands advertising their band on our new Featured Bands Page! All you need to do to get your band on the page for 1 week is provide your band name/clan tag, requirements to join your band and a short description of your band. Also, since the new update has just come out, your band can hold 50 more people, so this is a perfect opportunity to fill up those empty spaces! As you can see, it takes only a few minutes to get your band on the site and attracting brawlers!

Hurry though, because as of right now, it is free to advertise your band, but as we continue to grow as a website, it will eventually start to cost you money, and the prices will just go up, so don’t wait!

Contact us here and you’re band will be on its way to success! Happy brawling!


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