Epic Brawl Stars Game Mode Ideas!

Hey, guys, it’s YoYoSef with two cool Brawl Stars game mode ideas. Today came the update and there is currently a new mode, Brawl ball, which is truly awesome and I’m going to love playing it! But, there are 2 more modes I think they could add. Let’s get started with them.


Each Brawl team will have one player become a king, that will automatically have a tiny speed boost making them 2% faster than any other brawler, and a big crown on their heads that indicate they are the king. Basically, each team needs to try to kill the other team’s king! Sounds simple enough, is it? The first king to die, their team loses. The 2 players on each team that aren’t kings have to do two things. One, protect their king from being ambushed. And two, attack the other king. These 2 brawlers can die infinite times, but once the king dies it’s over. And the kings do have the ability to attack and kill the opposing king, but it’s risky, since they can get ambushed.

MAP IDEAS: The maps will need to be very covered and skillful. I’m thinking a grassy map with bushes to hide in of course, and with castle walls surrounding. They can hide around this castle.

BEST BRAWLERS: The best brawlers for this game as the king will probably be El Primo, Bull, Poco, Mortis, and Nita. Basically, any Brawler that’s good for the king must be tough damage in close range (so doesn’t need long range attack) must be pretty tanky and have a helpful power-up, such as Bulls escape or Nita’s bear. Those brawlers all can be great kings.

The best support brawlers will probably be- all of them! Even the new brawlers! This is because it’s all about protecting your king and risking your life over and over again. Each brawler can do that. I might not advise using Dynamike though, he wouldn’t be that good. Sorry, Dynamike fans. Check out the Dynamike guide, still!

GAME MODE 2: Zombies, Humans, and Liars.

There will be 10 players allowed in this brawl mode. Spawned in random locations far from each other. There will be 1 zombie. The zombies will have the same look as any brawler, just powerful green skin. The zombie has to try to kill a human, and that human will become a zombie, and then whoever that zombie kills will become a zombie until the game is over (3 min timer). Humans can kill zombies, but the zombies will stay zombies. Each side can not kill members on their side. Now, this is where you might think it’s unfair right? Because the humans will all be teamed up together and one zombie can not possibly kill a human if he’s protected with other humans, the liar comes into place. For the 10 players, there will be 1 zombie, 8 humans, and 1 liar. The liar is a zombie that looks like a human. He has to find someone, and then he can kill them, but they can kill him as well, and once he dies by a human he has green skin that all the zombies have. So the liar will need some tough skill to work his magic.

MAP IDEAS: Need some very closed off maps, with lots of bushes. It would look coolest with the time being set to night, that would be really enticing! It will be quite a large map with hiding spots for the humans, but easy to access for the zombies.

Best Brawlers: The best brawlers will probably be any good 1v1 brawler, but there will also be good in the splash damage brawlers like Dynamike and Barley because they will be able to kill big groups of zombies or big groups of humans together. Most brawlers will be suitable for this game mode.

That’s all I have today guys. If you did enjoy these game modes, thanks a ton, and be sure to check out all of our blog posts. Have a great day!




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