The Ultimate Dynamike Guide

Hey, guys! Welcome to my Dynamike guide! Dynamike is becoming more and more used, but many players who use him don’t really know how to actually use him well! That is why this guide is here, to help all of you out there that want to learn how to use Dynamike to its full potential.


We will first start off with the controls to control Dynamike and how to attack. As there are two control options in the game, it is important to know which one will have an advantage over the other.Joystick

The joystick option is much better for Dynamike than tap controls. With tap control, it is almost impossible to attack and move simultaneously, as you need to drag, aim, and release to attack. This prevents you from running away from incoming opponents but still damaging them synchronously. Also, your reactions to movement will be much more delayed and will take you longer to make quick last second changes. The joystick option solves all of these problems, and it is able to rapidly shoot out all available ammo in one second. However, if tapping is your thing, go with what you think is best for you.


Dynamike, along with Barley, is currently the only brawler that can shoot over walls. This gives Dynamike a huge advantage, as it can stay safely behind a wall and attack at the same time. This also allows you check an area over a wall for any other brawlers before you turn the corner and go there. Any other brawler, however( except barley), will have to go past the wall to hit you, which gives you plentiful time to dodge its attack.Dynamike

Because Dynamike throws his dynamites and there is an explosion delay, throwing the stick directly where the opponent brawler is located is not the best option, especially if they are mobile. You should almost always predict where the opponent is moving to and throw the sticks there instead. This maximizes the chances of actually hitting the brawler. If the opponent brawler continuously dodges your dynamites, try throwing 4 sticks (two shots) at the same time, one behind them and the other in front of them. This leaves them only two options to dodge the explosions, left and right. However, if they were in the center of the dynamites, it will be nearly impossible for them to escape, almost guaranteeing a direct hit.


Dynamike’s Weaknesses

As with any brawler, no one brawler is perfect for every type of situation. Dynamike is no exception. While it is true that Dynamike can have great advantages at times, it also suffers from its weaknesses.

Dynamike’s biggest weakness would be its relatively low health. Becuase of that, Dynamike is not good for close combat situations and stands no chance against, Bull, El Primo, or Shelly in close combat (excluding Showdown, as the number of powerups makes a huge difference). This leaves Dynamike very vulnerable in close quarters. Due to its low health and fairly short attack range, any fast moving and high damage brawler can defeat Dynamike swiftly.

Dynamike vs. ____________ (Excluding Showdown and Ignoring Supers)

  • Shelly – Shelly has a good attack range, damage, and health. This makes Shelly have an advantage over Dynamike, but when there is a wall Dynamike can shoot over, it can do damage while using the wall as a shieldShelly_Bandita-192x300


  • Colt – If Dynamike can reach Colt behind a wall, then it can easily overpower Colt. However, Colt has a fast reload speed and a rather long range, meaning it has the ability to damage Dynamike while it is out of range of Dynamike’s dynamites


  • Brock – Brock has a slow reload speed but a long attack range, meaning, like Colt, can damage Dynamike from a safe distance. If Dynamike’s bombs are in rage though, they can easily overpower the slow reloading Brock


  • Jessie – Jessie does relatively low damage, but its attack can bounce off walls and hitJessie_Basic-316x300 you. Because Jessie’s and Dynamike’s attack ranges are similar, neither has a real advantage over the other by range, but Dynamike can hide behind walls and attack under safety


  • Nita – Nita and Dynamike have similar attack range, but Dynamike’s bombs do more damage each than Nita’s attack. Nita, however, has a fast reload speed, which makes Dynamike’s real advantage the ability to shoot over obstacles.


  • El Primo – El Primo can easily defeat Dynamike in close combat, but once there are obstacles in the way and there is a distance between the two brawlers, Dynamike has the advantage


  • Bull – Bull will easily defeat Dynamike in close combat, but once there are obstacles in the way, Dynamike has an advantage. Because Bull has a larger range than El Primo but does little damage at the tips of its attack, Dynamike has some advantage when dealing with range


  • Ricochet – Ricochet has the largest range in the game currently, and its bullets can Ricochet_Golden-184x300bounce off walls, so Dynamike has no advantage over Richochet, while Richochet has a range advantage over Dynamike


  • Barley – Dynamike and Barley have similar range, health, damage, attack, and just about everything else, so it’s fair game between these two brawlers


  • Poco – Poco has low health, range, and damage, so Dynamike has an overwhelming advantage over him


  • Mortis – Mortis has a clear advantage over Dynamike due to its ability to easily dodge Dynamike’s sticks. It is difficult for Dynamike to hit Mortis, but easy for the Mortis to hit Dynamike


  • Bo – Bo has good range, health, and damage but a slower reload speed. There are no real advantages for either brawler except that Dynamike can shoot over walls.


  • Piper – Piper can easily kill Dynamike in one or two shots from a far distance, but once there are obstacles in the way, Dynamike can defeat Piper if she is close enough


  • Spike – Spike does very less damage unless the brawler is at the center of its projectile. It has low health and cannot shoot across walls. This makes Dynamike more likely to win when against Spike


  • Crow – Because Crow has a fast movement speed, it can dodge Dynamike’s attacks rather well. However, it has low health, so some well-aimed shots can easily kill Crow


Dynamike is currently seen around often in game-modes like Showdown and Smash & Grab, and it is important to increase your skill using him. This guide has covered almost everything you need to achieve success with Dynamike and reach the leaderboards. I hope this has helped; good luck to you and continue brawling!

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