Brawl Talk Recap – Update Info.

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog by Brawl Stars Daily. Today’s blog will be focused on the recent Brawl Talk where Powerbang Gaming and Clash with Ash Interviewed a Brawl Stars team member. In case you didn’t quite catch all of the sneak peeks or you didn’t have the time to watch it, we will go over all the new things coming in this blog. I will go over everything in depth in the video below, but if you wish to just see the topics covered with little detail, it will be available for you to read below as well.


That’s the update recap video above, but if you just want a brief glance at what’s coming, the list is below:

  1. New Brawlers
  • Tara (Mystic in vid)

– throws 3 cards like crow’s attack

– piercing like Nita’s attack

– range like Shelly’s, spread slightly slimmer than Shelly’s

– SUPER: like a black-hole grenade

– toss it, pulls everything to center like tornado spell in CR, and explodes in center

– Mythic/Epic rarity – more about this later


  • Pam (Junker in vid) – originally the minigunner

– spread attack, bullets move left and right

– tankier support character, not good for one target

– range like Shelly’s, spread slightly larger than Shelly’s

– SUPER: Healing Station

– the station has health, like Jessie’s turret or Nita’s bear

– teammates in radius gets healed quickly

-Mythic/Epic rarity – more later


  1. New Game Mode
  • Brawl Ball
  • Like a soccer match
  • Ball in center, objective is to kick ball into opponent goal
  • You cannot shoot with the ball
  • Tap to kick or pass
  • 3v3
  • First to 2 goals


  1. Removed Trophy Cap
  • Allows the very best players to rise up
  • No season reset, but every season you lose a percent of trophies about 500
  • No season points yet
  • Slightly easier to reach 500 after cap is removed
  1. Balance Changes
  • No info on what brawlers will be nerfed or buffed


  1. New Rarities and Brawler Rarity Change
  • 2 new rarities, Mythic and Super Rare
  • Common (3 chips): Shelly, Colt, Nita, Dynamike, El Primo
  • Rare(10 chips): Bull, Brock, Barley, Jessie
  • Super Rare(20 chips): Ricochet, Poco, Bo
  • Epic(60 chips): Piper, NEW
  • Mythic(200 chips): NEW, Mortis
  • Legendary(500 chips): Spike, Crow
  1. Bounty Rebalancing
  • Start with 2 stars
  • You still have 1 star after you respawn, you only have 2 at the start of the game


  1. Coin cap
  • 9999 coin cap
  • If you have over 10k coins, you don’t earn any until you drop below that cap


  1. New FFA Game-mode and Maps (Future)
  • Not coming in the September update


  1. Future updates
  • Larger bands
  • Friendly matches


Thanks for reading this post by Brawl Stars Daily. I hope you enjoyed it! Follow us to never miss a post, and check out The Weekly Brawler for more Brawl Stars blogs. Thanks for supporting us.



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