Smash and Grab: An OP trio!

Hey, guys! It’s Yoyosef from Brawl Stars as the leader of Salty Legend’s feeder clan Salty Legacy coming at you here with my first blog post. I’m going to share with you guys perhaps my FAVORITE trio in ALL of Brawl Stars. Let’s get right into it!


Now, first off you may be thinking, what makes this so special? There are no legendaries or epics involved in this trio, how is it so OP? Well, let me explain. This trio is special because it has no legendaries or epics. It uses their own base power as commons and rares and is incredible just the way it is.

How does this trio work?

This trio relies on the supers of all these brawlers. When done right, Nita’s bear, topped off with Jessie’s turret and Pocos healing can be overwhelming to stop. It almost makes it feel like you will have 5 players on your own team because of the power of these supers. You must take lane control in the middle of the field where the crystals spawn and play defensively using your powers as shields basically, and not too aggressive. Let’s go into each brawler in depth.

NITA: All Brawlers at an equal level, Nita will have the most health with Poco, and most damage with Jessie, so she must truly be the leader among the three. Your goal is to land shots in and get your super ability going on, and then you can focus more on crystals. Play more defensively at first and then once your bear is on the map, crystals can be a priority. Never rush in and grab a bunch of crystals!


JESSIE: With Jessie, never rush into the middle or basically at all. Very similar to Nita. Stay at the side supporting from a distance and charging your super, then place your super in between your teammates and you can start collecting more crystals and playing more defensively. At the beginning, you don’t need to try to kill, just land some shots in so you can get that turret to help you out a ton. Super ability first, then the crystals, like Nita.


POCO: Poco can be the most aggressive brawler, but again not too aggressive! When starting the match, Poco, unlike the other brawlers, can be rushed into the middle to grab a few crystals, but do not stay there for too long. Move around a lot and use that healing ability to help your teammates. Once Nita and Jessie get their powerups, try to stay hidden among Nita’s bear and Jessie’s turret.


That’s all for today guys. Good luck with this trio, and have a good rest of your day!



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