Warning: Android APK’s

In today’s blog, we’ll talk a little about those Android APK’s( Android Package Kit) some sites offer for Brawl Stars. To be straight forward, I want to tell you to stop trying them out. They are scams, and just because a YouTube video shows “proof” doesn’t make it real, as those are just schemes. I will go over some reasons why these so called Android APK’s for Brawl Stars are all scams.

The most obvious answer to why these APK’s are fake is because Supercell themselves haven’t even released the game to the Android platform yet. There can be no real Brawl Stars game on Android, for the game doesn’t even exist on Android yet. Supercell has not released Brawl Stars for Android, so there is no way for any site to offer a legit APK when the game doesn’t exist.

The second reason why Android APK’s are scams is that the first thing you see on their sites are ads. They put ads everywhere, and most of these scam sites have a “human verification” check. They claim this is to prevent overwhelming their servers, but how can that be possible when they have no such server? They offer some choices of surveys or tasks to complete and claim the download will be unlocked afterward. What they don’t tell you, however, is that they earn revenue every time you click on one of those links. If those websites offered legit resources, then they only need one or two ads on their website to earn plentiful revenue since many people would use it and spread it around.

The third reason they are scams is that Supercell themselves had said this. They have warned that none of these websites offer a legit APK, and to avoid them at all times. Supercell will release the game globally when they feel it is developed enough and is ready for worldwide enjoyment. They have no set date of release yet, but it will soon come.

To wrap it all up, I just want to warn you about these scammy Brawl Stars APK websites. They may seem tempting, but be aware that until Supercell has released the game onto Android, none of them are real. If you are an Android user, be patient, as many iOS players do not have access to this game either. In the meantimes, read blogs and tips about the game so you can be skilled even before you play the game. Thanks for reading!


One Reply to “Warning: Android APK’s”

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