Writers Wanted and Official Domain

Hey, everyone! It has been a little over a week now since Brawl Stars Daily was created, and we are excited to announce some big news as we have reached 500 total page views. First off, we would like to give huge thanks to all who read our blogs and write them, as we wouldn’t be here without you guys, and we hope you continue to visit our site!

Firstly, as stated in a previous blog, we would register http://www.brawlstarsdaily.com as an official domain, and we do what we say. Starting the next few days, Brawl Stars Daily will have its own official domain.

Second off, we are looking for blog writers! We are looking for talented individuals who can write blogs at least once a week, have their own original and creative ideas, and are capable of writing interesting/informative blogs about Brawl Stars. As we are still a new and growing website, we cannot currently offer any pay as of now, but this will definitely change in the future when the website grows bigger. If you think you’re up for the job, let us know in the Write For Us page with a sample blog and we will respond ASAP! Thank you all again!



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