Brawl Stars Update Ideas (Collab/ TWB)

Hello Brawlers, and welcome to the first collaboration post between The Weekly Brawler and Brawl Stars Daily. This post will be divided into two parts, this part being the first and a Brawl Stars Daily exclusive. To read the remaining of this post, go check out The Weekly Brawler here, which will have the second part of this collaboration post.

We will start out this collab post with these ideas:

  1. Daily bonus
  2. Battle log
  3. Unlockable skins
  4. Left and right arrows for picking brawlers in a room
  5. Fixed Joystick

Read the next half on The Weekly Brawler! Let’s begin.

Daily Bonus

Most games these days have some sort of daily reward system regardless of whether it is a multiplayer game or not. Many can argue that Brawl Stars has a daily reward system, which is the free coins when a new map is opened. While this is true to be some kind of a reward, it doesn’t fit the benefits of a daily reward.Daily Spin

A daily reward system can be something that attracts players back to playing the game. The reward system can be like a spinning wheel (like the one shown above), a weeklong or month-long set reward (ex.: Day 1-50 coins, Day 2-1 elixir, etc.), or even a choice reward( 6 face down cards, pick one to get the reward that card offers). So, as you can see, there are many options for a daily reward system, but any of them would greatly increase play time and would make daily players feel more rewarded.

Battle Log

One important feature that is missing from Brawl Stars is a Battle Log. This not only allows you to re-watch matches but also allows you to see things you missed during the live game and can even let you learn from your mistakes. A share-to-band option for the replays is an optional feature the team can add, but it will not affect the usefulness of a Battle Log by that much. A Battle Log will allow you to replay your matches and also track your wins and losses. Adding a Battle Log into Brawl Stars not only makes sense (as it’s in other Supercell games), but makes the game just that much more enjoyable to play.

Unlockable Skins

As of right now, brawler skins are a premium feature that can only be purchased with real money. The idea of paying being the only way to obtain skins removes the motivation for players to push brawlers. Instead of skins being pay-to-unlock, they should be unlockable by brawler levels. For example, you unlock a certain Nita skins at level 10 or a certain Colt skin at level 10. This not only motivates players to push a specific brawler, but allows for F2P players to have a chance of getting skins.

Another option would be to adding skins into Brawl Boxes. This, however, will reduce the chances of getting an epic or legendary brawler, so this idea will most likely be rejected by many players. The best choice is to make skins unlockable by brawler levels.

Left and Right Options For Picking Brawlers in a Room

The current method of picking brawlers is somewhat frustrating. If you accidentally skip the brawler you want to use, you have to go through the cycle to find the brawler again. This not only wastes time but also can be annoying and frustrating. Adding left and right arrows will increase flexibility, decreases time usage, and overall benefits picking brawlers in rooms. This has been a highly requested feature by players, so I can see this being implemented with the September update, but that is not a guarantee.

Fixed Joystick

This is probably the most heavily requested feature Brawl Stars players wants Supercell to implement into the game. Currently, there are a lot of complaints about glitches with the joystick, and how sometimes it just randomly disappears. Making the joystick fixed-or locked in place- will not only fix the bugs but leaves less room for new bugs to appear. Having a fixed joystick will, however, reduce flexibility, but from the current feedback, most players would rather have a fixed joystick anyway. In order to comply with people that dislike a fixed joystick, the team can make this an optional feature. They can add it with the options of tap-to-move and joystick movement, so it allows for less argument over the topic.

That’s it for Part 1 of our update ideas/wish list for Brawl Stars. We hope you enjoyed this article by Brawl Stars Daily. The topics in this article are just our opinions, so if you disagree, just leave us a comment about what you think should be added. If you have any other reasonable ideas, please let us know, and we may write about it in another post! Don’t forget to read Part 2 of our collab post with The Weekly Brawler here so you don’t miss the second half of our wish list! Thanks for reading and supporting Brawl Stars Daily and The Weekly Brawler!


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