The NEW Showdown Meta


Hey, guys, welcome back to another Brawl Stars Daily blog! Brawl Stars has been rapidly evolving every single day with more and more bands being created along with new players. With that being said, there are bound to be changes in the meta in all the game modes, and there have obviously been some quite noticeable ones, but this article will talk about the new Showdown meta.


Showdown has quickly changed from the favorites of many to the least favorite, as the trophy balancing is horrible. The risk is much too high for high trophy players, as winning will give you very few trophies and losing drops you almost double the number of trophies you gain. However, Showdown is still a very popular game mode, meaning it will have different metas over time and different strategies of winning.

Currently, one of the most seen brawlers in Showdown is Dynamike. After the 8/16/17 balance changes, Dynamike has been seen a lot on all maps, but Showdown particularly. As more and more players realize the true potential of Dynamike, it has quickly shifted into the meta. There are many reasons of why Dynamike has shifted into the meta, but I will only go over some of the major reasons.

First off, Dynamike can attack over walls. This is a huge advantage, as it can hide behind the safety of walls and throw its dynamites at other brawlers. Due to the fact that all Showdown maps have plenty of walls, Dynamike has a great advantage over all other brawlers other than Barley(because it can also shoot over walls) and Mortis( Dynamike has a  hard time hitting him).

Another reason why Dynamike is so popular now because of its insanely high damage. At the start, non-upgraded Dynamikes deal over 100 damage every stick(2 sticks per throw), and if it reaches over 5 energy power-ups, it deals over 500 damage total every throw. The last balance change increased the explosion speed, making an accurate shot close to impossible to escape. This also means it’s super will be able to one shot kill brawlers under 1000 health if it gets more than 5-6 energy power-ups. This makes Dynamike extremely powerful since the super’s explosion range is nearly impossible to escape with the decreased explosion time.


Overall, Dynamike is an ideal brawler to use in any Showdown map. As long as you stay away from the big guys (El Primo, Bull, Shelly), you will have no trouble gaining trophies at all. Don’t wait until the end to use Dynamike, as it highly likely that it will soon get a nerf, so use him while he’s still good!

Some Tips for Using Dynamike

  • Use the walls to your advantage, don’t go charging in when you can safely attack behind a wall
  • If any high damage brawlers fight for a crate you are damaging, leave it and attack the brawler to help get you super, but don’t try to fight for the crate as you will most likely lose
  • Always shoot in the grass/bushes you are about to go into to verify there are no other brawlers hiding there
  • Don’t spam the attack, as you can easily miss the target, carefully aim before attacking unless under close situations

That’s it! I hope this has helped, and good luck! Follow us to read more great guides about Brawl Stars! Read our other Showdown guide hereThanks for reading.



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